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    Default Negril swimming in ocean nude -- will other resort people see and give looks

    Just wondering,

    Getting nervous about 2 things... 1) when going to the ocean nude, will other guest from other resorts see you? 2) when you are on your floatie nude, how close will you be from other guests from other resorts. Kinda seems odd to be nude on a floatie next to some cloth person looking or even staring at you.

    Thanks for your input.

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    To get to the ocean you have to walk across the section of beach that anyone can walk so there is a chance that people from other resorts will be able to see you but typically people just hold the floatie in front of them to minimize that possibility. The resort next to the AN beach is under construction so it really shouldn't be much of an issue. For the most part the Couples guests stay more to the center of the swimming area so the clothed individuals are not typically close to the AN area. They can be as close as the rope to AN area but that is not common. Just realize that if they are that close, they are just wishing they were on the AN side.


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    AsianCouple is correct for now, but come this time next year (supposedly opening in February but we will see) the CN AN beach will be next to the family beach of the new mega resort (with a kids club from four years old). The body density on that beach will be ridiculous. While it will have an Adults Only section, it is on the far side of the resort near Point Rutland. I really like the CN AN beach but I am not looking forward to what the atmosphere will be like with that monstrosity next to it.

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    That's why we are going in October - before the mad rush of the new resort overwhelms the bay!

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    Maybe in time this property may have to install a pool for AN (is there room?) to provide some privacy for those who want it, much like CSS...shame I've never been to CN but I understand the beach is amazing, but the reality of living next to an elephant is you are impacted by it's presence like it or not.

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    I was told by the last GM that there was no room to put in an A/N Pool. Current law states that a pool must be farther from the beach than is possible at CN's AN area.
    My thought is that it sounds like Royalton ignored or perhaps even bribed their way past many such laws in their plan... soo.....

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    Honestly - who cares? Textile crew is always curious - I think more jealous so they may gawk.

    All they see in the ocean is topless which is also happening on the main beach.

    The walk across can be intimidating to some - that's why there is a bar on the AN beach.
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    Who cares? Lots of people do, that's why they ask the question. It doesn't bother some, but certainly bothers others.

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    Your on the AN beach - naked people see you. How is that different than textile people seeing you? It's their problem if it bothers them, not yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerCouple View Post
    Your on the AN beach - naked people see you. How is that different than textile people seeing you? It's their problem if it bothers them, not yours.
    I don't think it's the same...when naked people look at me they don't judge and they don't care, clothed people do. I think the sense of "we are all the same" is lost when our space is shared by textiles.

    I think I would find the situation at Negril much less comfortable than SSB. If Negril had an AN pool I think we would seriously consider it but with the situation being what it is, I think we are much more comfortable at SSB.

    We really love the freedom of AN, but we also enjoy the privacy that CSS and CTI afford. I really hope they can find a solution for Negril, it does sound like a wonderful place.

    Just my opinion.
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    And this is exactly why we would never have visited CN if we wanted to do the nekkid thing. It's about concern for those people who have no desire to see naked bodies. We are all on holiday and their holiday (sorry, vacation) is as important as ours. Not being 'holier than thou', just factual.

    Enjoy being nekkid, however it suits you.


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    Thanks for everyones input. I just got back yesterday from Negril and had the best time. My wife felt very comfortable after 10 minutes or so... but the first time see saw me naked in front of other people, she broke into a loud laughter. That was my first Au Naturel experience and it was pretty exhilarating. I probably put too much thought into it, as it was not bad at all. There were gawkers, but that was expected and didn't last for too long. Getting to the water and leaving the water you were definitely exposed to the main beach...but even that was kinda fun. The wave current seems to push the regular beach goers toward the Au Naturel waters, but it pose little problems. I was actually right next to a clothed person in the waters, she didn't mind, and I certainly didn't at the point. Wonder if my wife would have mind before we went on this trip, being next to a nude male? . It was actually kinda nice being naked and being viewed by them as well. To be honest, it looked like they wanted to join our beach.

    By my last day, I took the first chairs towards the beach and felt like I graduated the "au naturel" experience. Can't wait to go again next year. Hopefully I will see you guys again. We were the only Asian couple there, crossing those bridges slowly but surely.

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    AsianCouple - Great to hear that your worries were for not!! Now that you have experienced the AN beaches you will never want to wear wet swimsuits again.

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    Welcome to the nude world. Now you can understand why we all enjoy it.

    Duane & Mary

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    For anyone who has been there recently how has the construction affected the beach. We will be there in 3 weeks. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2havinfun View Post
    For anyone who has been there recently how has the construction affected the beach. We will be there in 3 weeks. Thanks
    I was there Oct 20th. It didn't affect anything. If anything it made it much more peaceful. There was less people crossing the AN beach for walks, and the AN "water" was occupied by clothed swimmers only on one side. The noise from construction was minimal.

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    Just got back. None really. Worst part would be the noise if you are staying inn bldg 9.

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    Was there in mid October. Stayed in Building 9. Did not notice anything. Is it going to be a pain in the butt? Probably. But its the Royalton's pain in the butt because I just don't care. Going back in January. Their guests problem not Couples. I'm not not changing anything I'm doing because of the Royalton. In fact I hope I do offend them because I find their whole resort offensive.

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    Geez, when we were at Negril, no one from the textile beach came near the au natural rope. They stayed at least 50 yards away. From that distance, you can't really see much. And as mentioned, most of your body is either in the water or on a floatie which when angled properly can prevent your privates from being seen. Our bigger concern was the hotel rooms overlooking the area. Not too many, but if you face the sun, you also face the rooms.

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    The question is - "who cares?" You'll never see those people again, unless you go back to CN the next year and meet up with all of your new naked friends. Best. Vacation. Evah.

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    Noise from the construction site was coming from the building on the lot line or the heavy equipment which caused sound to travel over the water. Make sure to bring some ear buds for music if you do not want to hear it.

    We always request building 9 but decided to ask for building 5 which they happily put us into. We even heard the construction noise from building 5 in the evenings if the wind was blowing that direction.

    The noise did not appear to impact AN participation as most days there were 40+ people on the beach.
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    Didn't hear much construction noise last week. Most of the external structures look complete and internal works occurring. R resort knew that the AN beach was there when they decided to build this monster hotel. Lets hope they don't pump loud music out onto the beach near the CN boundary!

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