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    OK, some started a similar post for CTI. It's a good Idea. Let's use this page to reminisce, review, etc., about our experiences at the Au Naturel beach at Couples Negril. Our first time was last February, ad we're going back in a month, To see our new friends, to get a tan with no tan lines, to just be free. What are other people's experiences here? First time? Second time? 20th time? It'd be great to hear people's stories.

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    Interesting idea to have a separate post for comments on each AN area.

    On our first trip to CN we didn't venture over behind the hedges until the afternoon of last day as the Mrs. wasn't sure about it. We had a great time and met some wonderful people. On our second trip, we got to the beach on our first day and the Mrs. turned left and headed straight over to the hedge. Found out later that her swimsuit was pinching and she just wanted to get out of it. We now are regulars on whatever nude beach is around.

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    Our first AN experience was at CN in June of 2014. It was awesome. So awesome that we went back in November of that year. We are booked to go to CSS July this year & quite honestly can't wait. The feeling of being AN on the beach with the person you love is indescribable.

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    Ok, I'll go.

    Last June before my first trip to CN, I had seen they had a nude beach. Wife had thought about topless in the past, and I convinced her it would be a good idea on the main beach. Then I started reading this forum, and wondering more about going to the A/N beach. Right before the trip, I chalked it up to a crazy idea that I'd never do. After some vitamin G, and a few drinks, we giggled and strolled towards the nude beach. We walked back and forth for a bit, trying to muster up the guts to drop trow and go for it.

    We decided to go for it, and I had misread a post on here and I thought you had to disrobe at the sign. So there, at the sign, for the first time strangers saw us without clothes on. Naturally we freaked out, threw our clothes on a the closest lounger and ran towards the water. I jumped face first, basically belly flopped, in like 6" of water. I'm not small, by any means. Then we swam around for like 2 hours before going to the beach, trying to get over walking in...

    Then the next time it got more comfortable, and we even worked up to going to the bar nude. It was a gradual progression and I still was self conscious sometimes. But damn if I didn't look forward to it every day. I also started hating swimming with a bathing suit on at all. Outside of water sports and 1 or 2 pool swims, I never had to.

    My advice is, if you're even remotely curious, DO IT. Worst case you put clothing back on, and move on. I saw bodies of all shapes and sizes, younger/older, shaved/natura, and one guy with a really out of control hairdo! While I didn't socialize because that's not really who I am (I wish it was, maybe next trip), it didn't diminish my naked fun in the sun. I never felt judged, or look down on by people there. Everyone was smiles, happy as they should be in paradise.

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    We were also there June 20-27 2014!

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    We were at CN in May/June of 14 and I had casually mentioned it to the wife before we went but didn't bring it up while we there. Then about the last day after quite a lot to drink (actually think we were just pickled from the week of drinking) she slipped under the rope to the AN side so I followed and we slid out of the suits in the water. Wasn't long and she went up on the raft and that was like the breakthrough. We were back in June of 15 and the first day went to the textile side but by afternoon of first day we decided to go for it and headed to AN side. After that we, as they say, never looked back. Met some of the greatest people on the AN side, never any signs of anyone really paying attention to what you looked like. We even set through a total downpour in the hot tub with the folks there. It was fabulous! Headed there again this year in June (always go on anniversary, this one will be 33 years!) and I would say the only time we head to textile side will be to have a few drinks at pool bar. If you ever have doubts, don't, its exactly like folks say, no one cares how you look.

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    Our first nude beach experiences were at Hedo and GLN.
    We used to be nude on Bloody Bay long before CN was built. GLN was the only resident of Bloody Bay back then and the rest of Bloody Bay was pretty much C/O back then.

    I remember walking by when they were building CN and thinking what a nice place it was going to be and thinking we might stay there one day.
    Now we are headed back there for our 5th trip to Couples, and approx our 30something trip to Jamaica. Still love CN. Don't miss GLN. Wish the Riu's had not been built.
    Still wish there was a way to add a nude pool! That would be my greatest wish at CN!

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    Our turn !

    Our first AN experience was at CN a few years ago. We first went to the main beach to get set-up. After awhile, we decided to walk the beach north up to the RIU and back. Along the way we encountered many topless women walking the beach. I suggested that we go try the AN Beach when we get back to CN. My wife said "we are not going to do that". After a few more polite suggestions, she said OK, but I will only go for 30 minuets. I think this was to shut me up. I stated "great, I'll take 30 minuets". Well, that 30 minuets turned out to be 6 1/2 more great days on the AN Beach at CN !!! We had so much fun, made some great new friends, relaxed out on the floaties holding on to the rope, and laughter all around the Hot Tub in the late afternoon. Now, we try to have the "AN component" as a part of all of our vacations ! Like anything, you will get out of, what you put into the experience. Too much fun!!!
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    To put it simply if you have half a thought in your head to try AN, try it early in your holiday, but beware you may get hooked!

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    As many first timers, we waited until the last day a couples of years ago. It was only for a couple of hours,but an experience we'll never forget. We chose CSS last year and went to SSB a few days and even ventured to the pool. Going back this April an we will be going over the hedge on day 1.

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    We are both fairly uninhibited so we only spent about 2 hours with those nasty old swimsuits on, the wife said you wanna try the nude side? Of course I said sure. It was just a little bit nervous at first, but by the first sunset in the nude with lots of new friends with nothing to hide we were hooked.
    We will be returning there later this month for our 8th time and our anniversary.
    If you have ANY remote interest in that, just go for it. No-one cares what you look like or who you are in the real world. It's an experience like no other.
    I have never heard of one person not liking it AFTER they try it.

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    I agree, TheDarkSide. We've been going to CN AN beach for many years, and find that those who are trying it for the first time on their last day wish they had done so on their FIRST day! It seems that folks need to reach age about 40+ to lose the inhibitions of youth. The lack of Lycra clinging to your skin is a wonderful feeling, and you don't have to sit around in a wet suit after venturing into the water nude. We've met so many nice people there - it's a real multi-cultural experience to socialize with guests from Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and more. They take the AN experience much less seriously than Americans. And we love the bartenders, Debbie Ann and Mesha. Mesha is such a delight that we set up a Friends of Mesha Morgan FB page. Name:  Negril_MESHA-001.jpg
Views: 938
Size:  164.5 KBName:  Negril_MESHA-004.jpg
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Size:  125.1 KBIs anyone there now? How is Mesha doing?

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    More pics from CN ANName:  Negril_NudeBeach.jpg
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    Feedback on our current trip to C-Negril. Spent a couple weeks on the AU beach in June. Weather was perfect. All my weather apps showed rain but the sun was shining every day except for one afternoon shower. No issues with the construction next door, they have a long way to go. It will be interesting once it is completed. There was always 8 to 10 couples on the beach at various times...ages ranged from 30's to 50's ( best guess ). Kevin did a great job at the bar...he delivered cold towels and fruit every day. People were all friendly. Beach is awesome and everybody spent time in the water. No issues with people not following the clothing problems. Great time as always. If you go to Couples should give it a try.

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    100% agree with TJ. We might have even been there at the same time. The rules were followed to the letter. Everyone seemed nice, even those we didn't talk to. Kevin was the man back there behind the bar. Agree with the construction though I'll say it's ugly as hell, and I'm worried about the beach.

    I did speak to a few frequent Couples regulars on their first visit to CN and they all said they'd rather come back to CN for it's intimacy, no reservation restaurants, and the amazing beach.

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    I'm worried about beach too. With LN things were pretty much straight forward, 250 rooms, adults only, CO section on their beach. Now there will be 407 family rooms (max. occupancy 2+2) and 177 in Hideaway adults only section. That's potentially between 1500-1800 guests on any given day. Where would they all go? Their beach is relatively short end very narrow with almost no natural shade, shallow ocean. Guests who will choose to walk along the beach will have no other option but walk north, through AN section. Huge problem with traffic, gawkers and potentially upset parents. I can guarantee never ending complains, possibly verbal confrontations.
    I would like to know what Couples resort will do?
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