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    Default CN - privacy question

    We spent a few hours on the AU beach at CN the last time we were there. When we initially walked over, we didn't think much about it, but after we undressed and soaked things in, it became obvious that the beach wasn't as private as we thought. As I looked above the hedge, I couldn't help but think that anyone on a balcony in building 6 or 9 might see us. WE did enjoy ourselves while we were there, but found we gravitated more to the ocean, as we didn't feel as on display. Do others fee the same? If you have stayed in a 3rd floor room close to the AN beach, did the people look like little ants or were they on display? Would like to give AN at CN another try but just thinking things through...

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    We haven't stayed in a room that had a good view of the beach so cannot directly answer your question. That being said, I know you can be seen clearly from the Beachfront suite in Building 9 on the 3rd floor. One trip we meet a couple on the nude beach who were staying in that room and the topic was discussed.

    I personally don't worry about the rooms or the walkers as they don't know me and I don't know them.

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    Hi timid, We stayed in a beachfront suite in building 6-6201 and we had a perfect unobstructed view of the AN beach. People did not look like ants you could tell they were naked, but we didn't care since hubby and I spent everyday on the AN beach and loved the close proximity to our room. CN's AN beach is small and the walk to the ocean over the public beach can be daunting but so worth it once you are floating in that beautiful water. CN was nice, but CSS and SSB is our home. I love the fact that once I reach SSB, I have everything I need lounger, bathroom, and food and drinks and I never have to get dressed again until the time we leave.

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    We also was stay in building 9 on the third floor or the second floor. Yes you can be seen from the rooms, how clearly depends on your eye sight or how much you have been drinking. We go to the AN beach and if someone wants to look at US (58) Thanks you made our day.

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    We stayed in building 9 and never gave it a thought of the AN beach being right there. We did go there and my wife was more concerned about people walking by from other resorts and gawking, especially when they had children along. I myself feel that I'm there to enjoy a relaxing vacation and what the others think of me, I don't care. If me being nude is a problem, it's theirs not mine. I'll never see them again anyway. Go to the AN side, you'll meet lots of great people. Irie!

    Duane & Mary

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    Nope, don't feel one bit on "display". Too many people go to the AN beach every day for people to single you out as the one on display. Plus, who cares if others see you. You will most likely never see them. If you do, you will never see them again anyway. Do you worry about other AN beach goers seeing you? If not, what is the difference? What about the beach gawker's that stole by really slow and peek over their sun glasses? It all seems the same to us and as I said, we are not bothered by any of it.

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    I don't think there is much of a view of the A/N beach from the rooms, but there is definitely a view into the A/N hot tub area. Last month we were at CN for about a week, and we used the A/N hot tub a couple of times. I saw a few people out on their balcony in building 9, and they definitely had a good view of us. At first I felt awkward but then I thought that it really should not be my concern. If those folks in those rooms didn't like being so close to the A/N beach and objected to occasionally seeing nude people from their balcony they could ask to change rooms. I decided that I wasn't going to worry about other people seeing me or what they thought; I was going to enjoy my vacation and make full use of the facilities offered at the resort. I offer you a supportive suggestion that you decide to do the same - enjoy your vacation and don't worry about what other people see or what they may think.

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