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    Default SSB questions

    This may sound silly but we have a few questions...
    1. Is there food at lunch at SSB?
    2. Is there a shortage of towels (should we bring our own?)
    3. Do I need to walk down there at 5 am to reserve a spot?

    Thanks all!

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    1.Yes there is a grill to order burgers and fries plus hot lunch options, salads and desserts are also brought over.
    2. No
    3. No

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    1. Yes there is food for lunch.
    2. Plenty of towels
    3. No need to reserve space. Plenty available.

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    1. Yes, same stuff they serve at the restaurant
    2. yes, bring your beach towel from your room (they have some at the beach, but they are supposed to be a 1-for-1 exchange)
    3. Depends on what time of year and the amount of other guests utilizing SSB. We went in May our first trip. First few days, had to get up early to get loungers by pool. After a group of 6-8 couples left, it was no problem.
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13

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    1. Yes plus popcorn
    2. Not really, we have never had a problem. Maybe late in the afternoon
    3. No. Never wanting for a "spot" but you are still welcome to walk down at 5AM but it will be quite dark at that hour.

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    The quick answer
    1) yes there is food at lunch, ice cream and usually popcorn all afternoon
    2) no shortage any day we were there
    3) no plenty of spots

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    Not a silly question, SandiK, for those who haven't been. There is a grill where you can grab food. You'll need to bring a towel from your room. No need to "reserve a spot" as there's plenty of room for everyone.

    You're welcome!

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    1. a very nice and varied meal is served everyday at need to go elsewhere

    2. lot and lots of towels...although, we always bring smaller towels as we find the big pool towels a bit bulky

    3. our experience, we usually have a nice breakfast then make our way to's never been so crowded that we haven't been able to find a comfortable spot.

    40ish more days...and after this recent cold, it's 40 days too long.

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    1. Yes, they have a pretty good lunch each day starting about 12:30; usually a meat dish, a fish disk, a starch and veggies and dessert.
    2. Yes, there were towel shortages after noon each day. But you can get towels at the main beach and bring them over. Or bring your own
    3. If you want a particular spot, or have a large group that wants to sit together, you need to reserve by at least 7 am. I go down at 05:00 to 05:30 because I am awake and like to sit on the sunny side of the pool with an umbrella.

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    You all are great! Thank you!!

    I'm usually up early too, even on vacation so a nice walk isn't a big deal, I'm just used to having to claim a spot by 6 a.m. or you are going to have a really hard time finding one! And I won't even go in to the towel issue...all of this makes me very excited and happy to be coming in October! Again, thank you all SO much.

    Oh...did I read that right...Ice Cream?! Oh no!! I hope there's a good gym on site!

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    Yes soft serve ice cream with cones. Some days chocolate some days vanilla. And yes there is a pretty nice gym on the other side of the resort. You will also get a bit of a workout going there with all the stairs. But it's worth it

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    Cheese and nachos and sometimes jalapeno slices after lunch too! Chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones. And really great desserts.

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    Hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries cooked fresh as you order them! If Samantha is your grill cook for the day, you will not be hungry!
    3pm French fries!!!! Thank you Samantha!
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012
    CSS October 2013
    CSS October 2014
    CSS October 2015 SOON COME!

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    My wife and I spent 2 weeks at SSB last October. After 2 days, whenever we arrived a pair of loungers was pre-set for us with a table in the middle and flowers. It was perfect- no worries about finding a comfortable place to soak in the beauty. Enjoy your stay!!

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    And they do have jerk chicken there everyday for lunch!!!

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    The Ice Cream is awesome, and the self-serve machine is right next to the showers in case ice cream melts on you.

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