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    Wow! Reading these reviews makes me want to go back now! Oh wait, I WILL be back - in 37 hours my flight leaves DFW!!

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    We were there from May 26th(our 24th Anniversary) to June 2nd. We arrived at the resort at 4pm on Monday. We had talked about doing it for over a year. This was our first time in Jamaica and this was our first time doing the AU NATUREL.

    On Tuesday, our first full day. We got up, ate breakfast and headed straight over to SSB. We went to the far right, as we had read about. We stripped down and laid in our loungers, there was hardly anybody there. After about 20 minutes, 2 female staff members came over and started talking to us about booking a massage. We talked to them for about 10 minutes and didn't feel uncomfortable once, we did book 2 massages.

    Another 20 minutes went by and she said that she needed to go to the restroom. I said it's up there somewhere, she asked if she should wrap a towel around her, I said they my frown about that. So away she went, she came back and said lets move to the pool area, 1 because she need a drink, 2 because over there at the far right, there is no wind, and it was getting hot.
    We moved to the pool area, it was fantastic. We met some nice couples and had some great conversations. Never did we feel uncomfortable, never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would do this.
    We went back everyday, except for Friday, I fell ill for that day.
    There was never a problem finding a place to lounge, there was always a umbrella for shade.

    The only time we did not lounge up at the pool, was when there was a group of about 6, they must have gotten there on Friday...they were very LOUD, which I guess was ok, you are there to have fun...But it was a continues Loud all day. The bartender even commented to us that she thought they were being annoying also. The other couples that we had met earlier, had all moved back down to the beach and we joined them..they didn't like the LOUD atmosphere either. What's funny though, is on Saturday, the Loud group must have decided to to an excursion..after they all left, the rest of went back up to the pool area...LOL

    All in All, we enjoyed time there tremendously. We plan on coming back again. Our ages are, 44 and 46.
    Thank you to all the wonderful couples that we met and for making us feel comfortable in our own skin,
    Joe and Leslie

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    Hey Joe Schmo, great review. Just what this thread is all about! I am just kicking this up again to make sure that those, like you, who have recently taken their first steps into AN activity at any of the Couples resorts should come to this thread and tell us about their experience (good or bad). Many have done just that over the last few years and it seems to be such a great help to many who vascillate between being interested in the idea but not quite being ready to take the plunge (nekkid!).

    Keep 'em coming lads and ladies!

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    My wife Michelle and I (Jim) visited Couples for the first time recently. We stayed at CTI from June 25th - June 29th, then transferred to CSS until July 6th. Let me summarize by saying WOW, what an awesome vacation! Best ever and we will absolutely be back!!

    When I first started looking into Couples 9 months ago, my lovely wife was not convinced that my motives were pure, and that I was just looking for a "nuddie" vacation, and not considering her wants. She was looking for 1) All Inclusive 2) No Kids 3) Couples Only. I told her that Couples is all of this, and although Couples does offer the AN opportunity, it is not a crazy lifestyle resort or nudist colony. I had Couples mail her the pretty marketing brochures and had her visit the website and watch the promotional videos. These were very effective marketing tools and it eased her mind to know that Couples is truly a top-notch resort offering everything we were looking for... plus the possibility of visiting an AN beach. I told her that yes, I would like us to experience the AN beach, but this is her vacation too. If after an hour at the Island she did not feel comfortable we could always go back. But, we needed to try it EARLY in our vacation based on what everybody advises on this message board.

    At that point, she put the planning in my hands as she began to feel comfortable with the research I had done. I sent her pictures and posts from the message board EVERY SINGLE MONDAY for 30+ consecutive weeks so that her excitement and anticipation would grow during the long wait until departure. This was both an agonizing and fun 9 months as we looked forward to our trip.

    We arrived at T.I. early afternoon, absolutely famished. We grabbed a quick bite at the snack bar by the main pool (not a great meal). Then we began looking around the resort. The first 3 or 4 staff members we met were not overly friendly or welcoming, which was strange because I kept reading about the wonderful staff on this message board. We had only been there for a couple of hours but the thoughts began to creep into both our minds "Did we select the right resort for our vacation?" We were off to a slow and unenthusiastic start. Later in the afternoon we went on the orientation tour and met a few staff members, including Miguel. He walked us around and told us about the resort. We shared with him some of our concerns and he reassured us that we were in the right place, we just needed to settle in. Miguel is a great guy and compassionate listener. He gave us advice on things to do, and encouraged us to NOT MISS the Silver Birds Steel Drum Orchestra... and he was right. Great show! From the moment we met Miguel, things just kept getting better and better for us.

    The next day was our first full day. My lovely wife wanted to check out some other things around the property first, but was preparing to make our way over the the island at some point during the day. Personally, I was ready to go first thing in the mooring, but I tried to hide my anxious anticipation from her, and go on her time frame. After a few hours of walking around, eating, and planning out our next three days, we got on the boat and headed over...

    Just like everyone says, go over to the right side of the island away from the bar and find a secluded spot. The island was kinda slow that day so we had no problem finding shade under the gazebo out by the point. We ditched our bathing suites, spread out our towels and got comfortable. She with her Kindle and me with my music, we laid back and chilled for about an hour. I'm not sure who was the first to need to get up, but I think she needed to use the bathroom. I walked with her and stood outside the bathroom door naked as a jaybird, feeling really awkward because naked strangers were walking by and I'm just standing there naked, twiddling my thumbs, and very pale (first day.. no suntan). She came out of the bathroom and we went back to our chairs. A short time later we agreed we needed a drink from the bar. I told her I have no problem walking to the bar to get some drinks, but chances are I will start talking to someone and I might not return for a while. So, she decided to join me and we walked over together. We hopped in the water and ordered a couple of drinks. Little did I know she would be the first one to strike up a conversation with a naked couple in the pool. She jumped into Michael and Karen's conversation when she heard their daughter was traveling overseas in the mid-east for school. Our son happened to be in India on a mission trip at that same time, so we shared some of the same anxiety about our kids. Then we introduced ourselves to Josh and Edy who are an adorable newly wed couple from KY. From that point on we met couple after couple and had an AWESOME time!

    We returned every day to the island and met so many great and interesting friends. Our last day at T.I. we decided to stay all afternoon to hang with our friends on the island and transfer over to CSS at 6:00 p.m. As we were checking out and waiting for our transportation, my lovely wife was sobbing because she was so sad to be leaving CTI and all the friends and wonderful staff we had met. Fortunately, all of our friends from T.I. joined us the next day over at CSS (trading places) and we got to party with them one more time.

    Our time at CSS was also incredible. Sunset Beach is a very special place and we spent part of every day there and met a bunch of great people. SSB is definitely larger and more spread out... Plenty of shade... The pool is way bigger... but there is something about the CTI island and the connection we made with other "newbies" out there. We were first timers, and we met a lot of other first timers at CTI. The excitement, anxiety, awkwardness, and genuine fun all combined for an incredible, unforgettable experience.

    So, which one is better? CTI or CSS? There is no correct answer to this question. We love both and I anticipate another split stay in our future!! See you next year!

    Jim & Michelle

    CTI Shout outs to:
    * Michael & Karen (The real mayor)
    * Josh & Edy (Congrats on your marriage, and best of luck in med school)
    * Cory & Loren (What a beautiful wedding on the beach. We are honored to be your witnesses)
    * Devin and Anna (Do not challenge Devin to movie trivia. Anna, I'll pay for your head shots but I get 10% of your net worth when you make it big)
    * Dan & Amanda (Queen of the grand entrances into the CTI pool, declaring at the top of her lungs "I've never done this before")
    * Heather & Tom (a.k.a. Richard Dreyfuss and Gwyneth Paltrow. Really enjoyed meeting you both)
    * Jim & Jan (I hope your finger healed, and your insurance covers some of your Jamaican medical bill)
    * J.J. & Kevin (If your students could only see you now!)
    * Chuck & Mary (Thanks for the advice on keeping my teeth clean and white!)

    CSS shout outs to:
    * Kim & Jason (Congrats on your marriage. Y'all are adorable!)
    * Alan and Alan's Angel (Watch out for these two... they are TOTAL party animals)
    * David & Beth (What a nice couple. We moved into their room in G-block once they departed)
    * David & Phyllis (a.k.a Chi-Chi & Chong-Chong)
    * Scott & Melissa (Representin' the ATL)
    * John & Heidi (Stood us up for dinner, but we'll get over it ;-)
    CTI & CSS 2014

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    Bump... would love to hear from other "newbies" about their first time to the Island, or to SSB...
    CTI & CSS 2014

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    Hello everyone!

    Got back this week from CSS, our first time at a Couples Resort!

    We had an absolutely amazing time, from beginning to end. We met so many great couples, many of them long time repeaters over at SSB, and made a lot of fun memories together.

    B-Block room we were in was nice, we had a 1 bedroom suite. A/C worked perfect, the overhead fans in the common space were a nice addition. The rooms are definitely dated, but we didn't spend a lot of time in the room, so it didn't bother us. The bed, a lot have said is too firm, but we found it fine for us, we were very comfortable and slept great. The linens are fairly high quality, and the pillows firm and plump.

    Positives on the room:
    1. Very clean
    2. Great balcony
    3. Shower water pressure and temp was consistent for us

    Negatives on the room:
    1. The clock/radio/IPod Dock for older ipods, wouldn't work with newer thunderbolt connectors. Also the light this thing gives off is annoying, so we unplugged it.
    2. The whirlpool tub, we never used. It was very dated, the jets had years of muck on them, we just had no desire to get into it.
    3. The couch needs replaced, definitely old, felt the springs through it.

    Sunset Beach feedback:
    1. Most amazing sunset I've ever seen
    2. Great people that really get to know you and invite you in
    3. Good lunch, Samantha makes the best burgers, and even brought me bleu cheese and bacon one day
    4. Plenty of room for a good amount of people in the pool area
    5. Wasn't overcrowded at all when we went, never had a problem finding chairs by the pool or beach
    6. Fantastic bartenders

    1. Bar doesn't open until 10, closes at 6.
    2. The music system broke a couple weeks before we got there, so we had to listen to the same old CD which skipped constantly, on a CD player from 1990.
    3. Prudes walking in around 5pm to check the place out
    4. Closing of SSB one night for a soccer fundraiser that none of us went to
    5. Bees, Bees, everywhere
    6. Bathrooms are very, very small
    7. Towel service is hit or miss. We didn't get new towels one day until after lunch.

    Overall Resort feedback:
    1. The most friendly, accommodating staff
    2. TONS of exploring to do, I feel like we found new places (Grotto, mineral pool hot tub, etc) all week long
    3. Lots of fun drinks to try
    4. Grounds are kept very well, no complaints at all

    1. The mineral pool was drained the night we all planned to go over there for maintenance. Some type of warning (maybe on the daily activities board) would've been nice. We ended up just all turning in for the night.
    2. Bars open at 10, that's a major bummer for us.. Not that we want to drink all day long, but being able to start the day with a fruity drink would've been nice. I don't think all of the bars need to be open at 7 or 8, but at least one of them (main pool bar)?
    3. Along with the bars not being open, we had run out of bottled water one morning and I couldn't find more to save my life. Front desk didn't have it, Pallazino was deserted, all bars locked up. I mean, this is all inclusive right? Why put locks on all of the coolers? I'd at least like to see some type of refrigerator in the main office that always has bottled water or 'Wata' in it.
    4. "Lawn night" Music lasted until 10:30 -- we were beat, they had drained the mineral pool so we couldn't get away from the music... It was literally right in front of our room.

    Overall we had a great trip, and I see us definitely coming back sometime. We still have lots of other places to explore, too!

    Shoutouts to:
    1. John and Teresa
    2. Mark and Rebecca
    3. Winston and Kim
    4. Don and Joan
    5. Kent and Dawn
    6. Steve and Barb
    7. Kelly and Pam
    8. Josh and Candace

    Service Shoutouts:
    1. Veronique (Best bartender!)
    2. Akeem
    3. Kemar

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    Jim and Michelle
    We had a great time also!
    Sorry we stood you up for dinner but that is why we have to go back next year
    Great getting to meet you guys
    Looking forward to next year and more of SSB and the Martini Bar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jed View Post
    Jim and Michelle
    We had a great time also!
    Sorry we stood you up for dinner but that is why we have to go back next year
    Great getting to meet you guys
    Looking forward to next year and more of SSB and the Martini Bar!
    Ha Ha!! It's all good. We cant wait to see you at SSB next July
    CTI & CSS 2014

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    We went to CN and CSS in 2010. We picked both of those resorts because it had the nude beach. This was our first foray into nude sunning. We stayed at CN first. It was a little intimidating at CN. That beach/water is open to the rest of the beach and resort. There is a line of shrubs that separates the adjacent resorts and beaches, but if you want to go to the water then you are available to all viewers. This was a little intimidating for us first-timers. As well, there was a pretty rowdy wedding party on the textile beach when we went to the au naturel side. Once you are hidden behind the shrubs of the nude beach, all is well. There was another couple on the beach with us so we were kind of following their lead. As they got up to go to the water they grabbed their Couples Rafts and wrapped it around them and went to the water. Once we saw this little trick we were fine.
    Going to CSS SSB was much better for us newbies. Not only did we like the resort more, but SSB is kind of secluded and private. I would definitely recommend CSS for first time nudists verses CN. As well, there is a pool/bar at CSS.
    When we first got to CSS we grabbed our loungers on the beach and stayed there for a good part of the day and did not talk to anyone. Finally, we did get hungry so we went to the pool bar, grabbed some lunch, and sat at the bar and started to drink. We covered up our primary privates while we ate our lunch. There were several other guests eating lunch too so we started conversing with the other guests -- who were all incredibly pleasant and polite. One of the guests gave us the lowdown on all the other guests. There was one couple that was into the lifestyle, but they were very low key about that during their entire stay (they never mentioned it or alluded to being swingers). The male of that party was definitely more exhuberant than the rest of us but I figured it was because he was Irish.
    After lunch my wife and I got in the pool and went to the water fall in the pool (which I understand has been removed, sadly). We were still "hiding" a little bit. But then we got thirsty again. So we headed to the bar and started socializing again.
    The rest of the trip was spent happily on the beach or the pool without concern for our lack of clothes. Once we met all the nice folks (and staff) all of our concerns and personal fears were gone. We had a wonderful time and will be returning to CSS at the end of August!

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    Thanks Murtle!
    Love your posts! Helped me a great deal! We live in the "Great White North" of Northern Ontario, Canada, so running around naked (publicly) on a beach does not come easily, or naturally to us! We tend to dress in layers of clothes, except for 8 weeks of the year! But...this Sept. we are going to give it a try! (after 3 previous visits to is TIME to take the big step!) Yes.....I will be getting up at 7 a.m. to get that chair and palapa in the far right corner of SSB! We might as well put up a sign that says....YOU GOT IT! WE ARE THE NEWBIES! ...but then again, the sickly white colour of our flesh might give us away first! LOL!

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    Klas54, that's what this thread is all about! I am so glad that the posts here have made that little difference to you as a couple. Believe me, it is a life changer. Not in a dramatic way where all AN converts suddenly become raging nudists but in the way that one soon realises that the differences we all have are there but they are not important. We had a lovely post where the lady mentioned her massive scar following reconstructive breast surgery. I bet no-one really noticed and if they did it was an interesting point of conversation (with other ladies, perhaps, who have scars on their breasts that are there by choice?) rather than eliciting the expected derision and avoidance tactics. That lady came to realise that nudity is not a precursor to perverse 'lifestyle' activities nor are nudists judgmental, in fact, quite the opposite. I am lucky to have a great position in my work place and get reasonably well paid but as far as I am aware I could have been sitting naked next to a .com billionaire or a street cleaner at SSB. Who knows? All I know is that no-one cares at SSB. It's all about you, your partner and your relationship. If you wanna mingle then mingle on; if not, stay to the right and chillax.

    Please post here to let us know when you have completed your journey home (sad face!).


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    Dreaming of being back at css / cti so I thought I'd finally post about our first an experience.

    We first went to a couples resort (CN) in 1999 where we got engaged. At that time, AN wasn't even on our radar so I was surprised when I accidentally walked into the area! Fortunately there was only one couple there so I just turned around and quickly walked away.

    Later during our stay my wife and I were swimming and we swam over from the main beach to the an area and we took or bathing suits off and swam for while but never actually got out of the water without our bathing suits.

    I never counted this as a AN "experience" but the experience did stay fresh in my mind.

    10 years later I started planning our anniversary vacation and after looking all over for a place to go we decided it was time to go back to couples.

    Since we were planning to renew our vows, I chose css because it seemed like the most romantic of all the resorts.

    During my research I read about ssb & I mentioned it to my wife but she wasn't too thrilled about getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers - especially after having 3 kids... so I pretty much dropped the subject because css offered so much I really didn't care...

    We loved css for the first day or two because the resort wasn't too crowded so finding shade / chairs was never a problem on the main beach or at the mineral pool - we had found paradise!

    Day 3 was a bit different - we decided to trade places and go to tower island for the day.

    We arrived about 9:00am - ate breakfast and wandered around the resort for a while.

    About 10:00 we sat on the main beach and started to get comfortable...

    If you've been to tower island then you know this but if you have never been you may not realize how prominent the island is featured all over the property - you can see it from the restaurant, the rooms, the beach etc. (Note that there are bushes/trees and the island is just far enough away to hide you from the rest of the resort)

    So we sit on the main beach and gaze upon the island for all of 5 minutes when my wife says "do you want to go to the island?"

    "You know it's AN right? We have to take our clothes off - all of them. .." I reply

    "I know, but think about it - no-one knows us here - we haven't even talked to anyone - we can go try it out and if we don't like it, never speak off it again and no-one even knows. .."

    If I recall, my wife had to hold me back I was waking so fast towards the pier!

    Once on the island we had no clue what to do - all of my research up until that time consisted of what to bring and which restaurant to reserve etc...

    We got off the boat and just stood on the dock waiting for the other to make a move - do we take off our clothes here? I wasn't getting naked on the dock so I motioned for my wife to follow.

    Lots of people to the left, at the pool... oh the tower! Let's hide behind there...

    That's when I catch sight of the right side of the island - the waves crashing, the gazebos, the trees, the blue green ocean, everything! Including two open chairs.

    We sat down, looked around to see if anyone was looking - that's when I realized - no-one was looking! It seemed kind of weird at first but later I understood - people are not there to look at you - they are there for their own personal experience - you just happen to share space with them....

    We undressed and all I can say was wow! Naked, on an island with my lovely wife - it doesn't get better -so I thought.

    Eventually, as all couples do - we had to use the rest room and needed drinks.

    I'll admit - it was hard getting up the nerve to just casually walk up and order a drink - should I bring a towel and kind of "hide"as much as I can?

    Nope - won't be able to carry a drink - maybe I can wrap the towel around me? We've all thought about that one... hmmmm....

    As I was waiting for my wife to come out of the restroom I wandered down to the tiny beach and looked around at the water, looked at the people leaving on the snorkel boat, looked at the hotel, looked down and realized - I'm naked!

    I quickly turned around afraid I had just flashed the entire resort!

    There was my wife - at the bar so I quickly walked back to the bar..

    She could tell I was a bit un-nerved and I told her how I had just flashed the snorkeling boat!

    About that time the snorkel boat comes rushing around and gives everyone on board a "tour" of the island and my wife says "I think you're ok.... "

    A few drinks later and my wife and I really started to relax - we wandered all over the island - into the tower, down the steps to the water, The pool - we even ventured out onto the little Jetty - where everyone in the resort can see your silhouette. ...

    What a magical day - we were very sad to leave as at the time we both thought it was just something we did on that day, at that place and at that time.

    The next day we were back at css & we spent our normal morning routine at the mineral pool and after lunch we headed to the main beach.

    But this day was different (or were we different) - the beach was very crowded - we looked for twenty minutes for shade and found none.

    Back to the mineral pool?

    "No" my wife says "sunset beach"

    We've never looked back - we now spend most of our vacation on ssb or tower island!

    It's the only time we are nudists and since we only do this together as a couple - it helps us reconnect and truly relax together.

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    MichaelAndKristen, what a fantastic review!

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    MichaelAndKristin, Great review! The one thing that stands out in your review is the fact that when you looked around to see if anyone was looking and nobody was, that's exactly how it is. People are doing their own thing and don't even notice. So for those of you who will soon be first timers, rest assured, it will be no different for you. Remember, there will most likely be a few other couples there and all naked. Another naked couple is not going to be noticed and will certainly blend right in.

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