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    I read from another thread that Meesha, one of the lovely bartender ladies at CN is pregnant! She may be keeping bar at the AN beach. If anyone travels to CN, can you please find out for me when she is due and if she knows if she is having a girl or a boy? Many thanks for the info.

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    Oxbgirl - Have spent the last week with Mesha - she is due in November and is having a baby girl - yesterday she was making a list of baby names - She has been very swollen and a bit ill as the doctor gave her iron pills to take - but after deciding 2 was too many she is feeling better - what a lovely young woman she is! I will be so happy to tell her you ask about her - she told me she will be taking some time off before November for a bit of bedrest but everthing else is going just great! Have a great week!

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    Thank you so much for the info. If you do get a chance to...please tell Meesha that Becky says hello. Remind her that 2 years ago, I gave her a baby-making t-shirt. My husband and I are always there over Valentine's. She may remember me that way. Let me know if she has a reply. Thanks, again.

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    macsaggie2 --

    are you still at CN? Ken and I are very good friends with Mesha and would LOVE to see a picture of her being pregnant. We won't be back until March.

    If you could post a picture or send it to my email address that would be GREAT and we'd really appreciate it.

    Please tell her the picture is for "wild man" Ken and Karen from Massachusetts and send her our love and give her a hug for us.

    k & k

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    Default Mesha is doing good

    I talk to Mesha daily and she is doing good. She is due the second week in November and still hasn't picked out a name. I will tell her that everyone says hi and sends their love.

    Mesha's American grandma

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    Any updates on how Meesha and her new baby are doing?

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    Meesha is doing well...
    She had a girl...Patrina Quinnesha. Born Nov 9th.

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    Its great to hear Meesha is doing well and that she had a little girl. My husband and I was there in June '09 at the beginning of the pregnancy and she was having are really hard time. If anyone sees her tell her the couple that was there in June that gave her a baby outfit and a stuffed animal said hi and congrads.

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    Does anyone know if Meesha is back yet?

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