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    Default CSA - best Jerk place on 7 mile beach

    Hi EVeryone,

    Hubby and I LOVE jerk, and think we may wan tto try some places off the resort to get the more authentic Jerk.

    Any recommendations?

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    Thank you for asking this question...I am interested in hearing of some good places for jerk near CSA as well!!

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    The best place we have found in 8 trips is 3 Dives.

    It is not on seven mile beach but up on the cliffs, just before the caves the caterman goes to or about a mile from Ricks.

    Go just before sun-down. If you get there about 30 minutes before sundown you can watch the sun set from the cliff tops, they have great jerk and lobster. they also light a bon-fire once the sun goes down. Negril live sets up there every night to show the sun set over the internet.

    food is great and with the sunset and bon-fire it is very romanic yet very local culture.

    search the net and you will find their site

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    I have never had Jerk before, I hear it is really good, so I am interested in where the best place to try it is too.

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    We researched this pretty well before our visit in February. The winner was "Best In The West" its about a 15 min stroll (you turn right as you come out of reception). The Jerk is superb (& they sell jars of Jerk gravy!!).
    To be fair the Jerk at the Grill is pretty good, but it well worth getting out of the resort from time to time...

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    So far I"ve had the best jerk chicken on 7 mile beach at Best of the West. It's walkable from CSA. Just walk to the left(if facing the water) along the beach and when you see Coco La Palm or Idle Awhile cross over to the other side of the beach road. Can't miss it. Some other good choices are Ozzies,which is closer to CSA, or Bourbon Beach,which is a little farther and is a little spicier jerk. There are also a lot of barrel chicken vendors along the road that I've heard good things about, but have never bought from myself. My absolute favorite jerk chicken is at a place up on the cliffs called Da Bar and Grill.

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    3 Dives! It's in the Cliffs in Jamaica. You can Google it.

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    For great chicken with a seriously powerful brown sauce, walk up the beach around 2-1/2 miles to a place called "Bourbon Beach". On the way back, about a mile, cross over at Coco La Palma to "Best in the West". Again, very tasty chicken, but their sauce is standard Grays and Ketchup with some spices. The best jerk pork is less than 100 yards from the resort and on the way back from "Best in the West". It's a place called "Ossies". She has a green sauce with lots of garlic and scotch bonnets that will light you up.
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    I agree - Bourbon Beach is the best for Jerk Chicken. A cab driver told about this place about 5 years ago. Been making the trip down the beach for lunch every year since then. Worth the walk down the beach and back.

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    Step Aside. One guy, chicken only, near Negril, on the left side of the road if you are driving toward Negril. Not sure what his name is, but the sign says "Step Aside". We're not talking a restaurant here - it's just a guy next to the road.

    He was also written up in one of the travel magazines, Frommers I think.

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    Can you walk to Bourbon Beach fron CN? What jerk places are close by?

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