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    Default Halloween!?!

    Just wondering if there were any Halloween festivities at CSA or in Jamaica at all?

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    When we were in Jamaica last year (November, over American THanksgiving). we had a detailed talk with many staff members about holidays. Explaning THanksgiving and Halloween came up. They did not understand Halloween and how we celebrated it back home. From what i understood for them it was an adult party night

    So maybe the resort will have some kind os festivities. We will be there Oct 24 - 31. It would be a nice idea to have some kind of beach party, or other party that night

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    We were at CSA for Halloween last year (and we will be there again this year...Oct 23-Nov 2) We had a great time. There were not too many other people in costume until later on at the piano bar though. We went to the martini bar for drinks before dinner and then dinner at the Palms (in costume) and we were one of the few in costume. But we didn't care, we had a great time.
    They had a great Halloween party at the club later that night and many people in costume including the entertainment staff. So we are bringing costumes again this year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

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    Halloween IS my favorite holiday, and we wanted to get married at CSA on Halloween, but were told (after we booked ) that the resorts doesn't do Sunday weddings. We settled for Oct. 30, but I am still very disappointed. We normally dress up, so it's great to know we won't be the only two in costume!

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