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Thread: We booked CSA!!

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    Default We booked CSA!!

    May 22nd-28th Atrium Suite! We are so excited to return to Negril and to try Couples for the first time!

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    You are soooo smart.You will LOVE CSA, Have a great time!

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    We have been to many all-inclusives, but we were first-timers to CSA last February. We LOVED it! I'll bet you will, too.

    Our pictures are here:

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    Great choice. You are gonna have a blast. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Be excited, be VERY excited!!!

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    Awesome photochick. Like softail said, "YOU'LL LOVE CSA!" We don't return home until Dec, 2011 and the wait is killing me. All I can think about is sitting on my stool at Seagrapes Cafe with friends, sipping a hummingbird and munching on sweet potato chips/dip while my lunch is being prepared...MMMMM. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    We will be there about the same time as you guys May 22-29 2011. Can not wait to get there long time to think about what we will do when we get there. We are virgins to Couples so this should be fun! My wife has know idea where we are going (I will tell her at the airport).

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    Hotsoup- Thats really awesome! We have never been to Couples either. We have been to Jamaica once before but we are even more excited about this trip! We are traveling with 1-2 other couples. Maybe we can meet up!

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    What time does your flight get in? We might even be on the same bus to Paradise!

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    Loved your review! Just one question on your pics? the one of the beach bar.......... shows a fence behind it which was not there 2 yrs ago when we were there last. Returning this Christmas for # 4 trip, getting very anxious!

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    We have not booked our flight yet. We will be flying out of Memphis(where we live) early flight is what I will be looking for. Me and my wife our the age of 34. We would love to meet new friends. We are chatty when we have a few good drinks in us. With the tropical backround this should be fun and relaxing much needed vacation.

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    Default CsA in May

    You are going to have an absolutely positively wonderful time.
    We thoroughly enjoyed CSA in May.

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    Hotsoup- We are all ages 33-25! We are flying out of DFW at 5:45am (EEEEK!) BUT we get to MoBay at 11am so I won't complain! I can never sleep the night before anyway! Haha! We will have to meet up sometime.

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