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    Default Packing your gown??

    How do you pack your wedding gown in a 45 inch linear carry on piece of luggage? What type of luggage is best? I've checked with the airline and they weren't much help, other than telling me it was a 45 inch linear size requirement. Going to CN in Jan 2011!

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    I had planned on just carrying my dress on, in the garment bag and placing it either in the closet if permitted, or the overhead

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    They can steam the dress there, so don't worry too much about getting crinkles in it if you have to fold it. I folded mine down small and put it in my backpack!!! By it was a very simple and light dress - I know that may not be possible with all styles of dress!

    Have a wonderful time - it's amazing!!!

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    I will also be packing my dress...would love suggestions. We will be there 10/10/10. WOOHOO!! 17 days left.

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    When traveling to CN I carried my dress on in a garment bag. It was somewhat wrinkled when we got there but I had the resort steam it and it was fine. Coming home I didn't want to mess with carrying it on again, so I just folded it. My dress had some boning in the waist, so I folded it up and put it inside at the top of the suitcase and put other things around it. Actually it traveled better going wrinkles at all! I took it out of the suitcase and it looked almost perfect! I wore it when we got home for the reception and it looked great.

    Best of luck to all of you!

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    My daughter got married in August at SA and brought her dress and his suit in a garment bag and stored it in the overhead compartment. We traveled on Saturday and she was getting married on Monday. Our appt with the wedding coordinator was Sunday, which is when we planned on giving her the gown to get pressed. They send the dress outside of the resort to a cleaners for pressing and are closed on Sundays, which we didn't know or we would have given them the dress when we arrived on Saturday. So we had to do the best we could with the room iron. So if you need your dress press, check with the wedding office as soon as you arrive.

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