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    Default Funny how things work out ?

    Its been a while since I have been on the message board.We were supposed to be heading back home to CSA in 1 week from today for what would have been are 13th trip. On Aug 9th while doing some routine tests at the hospital I collapsed and suffered a brain aneurysm. I was rushed to another near by hospital were they performed a angiogram and then the next day surgery on my brain. Recovery has been long and hectic at times but at least I have great support from my beautiful wife Brenda and family and friends. I know Brenda was in touch with great people like Randymon and a few others at CSA who send there love and are hoping for a quick recovery. With support like that from friends who we consider family it makes Couples the place to be for us. Its funny how things work out,the other day on one of our radio stations Brenda won a free trip to Jamaica. Its not a Couples resort but another resort on the south side of the island. So I believe when you think things are really bad just have a little bit of faith and you will be surprised how things work out.

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    I pray for your quick recovery and long overdue time on the beach. God Bless!!

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    Richard and Brenda, God's speed for a quick recovery. I can't think of any other place on earth to "recoup" other than CSA!!

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    Nick and I send prayers for a speedy recovery. You will enjoy your new experience and be back "home" soon.

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    ...and you wonder why I still call you "My wonderful husband"!!

    Incidentally, I did say on the radio that we had to cancel our trip to COUPLES. Always the loyal guest....

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    Hey Richard. I was wondering where you were. So, are you going to CSA and the other free resort? or just going with the free trip? I'm so glad everything is okay. I hope to see you next week, but if not, have fun at the other resort. We will miss you.

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    Richard, may you continue recovering and return to Swept Away soon.


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    Welcome back Richard!
    I'm so happy that you are making a remarkable recovery. It's hard work recovering from an anuersym. You have to re-learn a lot of day-to-day things you took for granted and that can be a very frustrating experience. I know with the love and support of Brenda and your friends and family you will make a full recovery.

    For now, be patient with yourself while you heal and show the people who supported you lots of love.

    Winning that trip to Jamaica couldn't have gone to a more deserving couple. I know it's not CSA but try to enjoy yourself anyway. Jamaica is beautiful and a perfect place for some R&R. That's Rest for Brenda and Rehab for you - lol!

    Sending you and Brenda lots of hugs and warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

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    Dear Richard. I'm sorry to read about your health crisis and am very happy to read you're on the road to recovery. Yeow! What madness... and how crazy! You're one fortunate dude though to have had the anuerysm while @ the hospital (even though they moved you to another). Happily, you'll be able to go home to CSA when time & budgets allow. Enjoy your free trip to JA when you're able to travel and go. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Razzl

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    Glad you are on the road to recovery.

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    You are so lucky to have been in a hospital when your aneurysm ruptured. Oftentimes people do not survive cerebral aneurysms.
    Congratulations on your free trip to Jamaica, enjoy and we'll see you back home at Couples soon!

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