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Thread: CSA rooms??

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    Default CSA rooms??

    Hi All, long time reader, first time writer.

    Going to CSA for the first time in April 2011 for my wedding moon!

    Was curious about other peoples thoughts and feelings about the rooms.

    I at first liked the balcony on the greathouse spa rooms....but then read the entrance was more like a hotel hallway, not a walk up cabana style.

    Fianace wants a tv..... no attrium

    No feeling the need to splurge on a beach front....

    We want *prob newer, tv, nice view (balcony),

    Any suggestions???

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    One of the reasons we love CSA is because it is not hotel style.
    I was able to talk my husband into a room with no TV.. it took A LOT of convincing but after the first time he wouldn't have it any other way. We really enjoyed not having it. To watch sports we can go to the sports complex and it is much better than sitting in the room watching TV.
    Anyways... I think all the rooms are great. We will be in an Atrium this time but from reading your post maybe the Garden Verandah Suite would work for you. The others (besides the great house) are beachfront or have no TV.

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    We have tried the gvs and loved them.They are newer with all the amenities and a beautiful view of the gardens and ours we could see the koi pond and little bridges.OVS are closer to the sea and you may get a view of it. We are trying the ghvs next time in April and can't wait! Good luck deciding

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