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    Default breakfast room service at CSS

    Ok, it is 134 days until we will be at CSS but I'm wondering.
    We love morning room service with coffee, juice and fruit before going for a long walk and then eating breakfast buffet. Can you order your room service the night before? Or do you have to call it in each morning?

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    There are cards in your room that you can fill out and put on the door the night before. If by chance you don't have a card then just call in the morning. The food is delivered very promptly.

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    You order it the night before. You'll love it! That's what we did on several occasions.

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    You order the night before with a room service card and hang it on your door. The next morning (at the time you specify) it is delivered to you.
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    There will be a card hanging on the back of your door. Simply fill out the card and place it on the outside of your door at night and your breakfast will be delivered in the morning.
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    you can fill out a card the night before and hang it outside your door, many selections and you just note what time you would like it delivered-


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    Default Breakfast CSS

    We were at CSS in January. There are cards in the room that you fill out and hang on your door the night before. If there are none, just call and they will bring you some.
    Breakfast will be there in the morning. This was one of our favorite things as well.

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    I believe they have cards that you check off what you want and then leave on the door for continental breakfast room service in the morning (breads, pastries, fruit, coffee, juice, etc.). But don't quote me on that. I haven't been since Sep 2007 so it's been a while.

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    Thank you all, it will be heaven on earth, that's a great system. And thanks for the photo, bowlcoach. I will make that my photo for my wall calendar next month!

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