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    Default Hot Deals Help!!

    My Fiance and are were planning on booking our honeymoon this month so that we could catch the Hot Deals special. We are traveling to CTI next May/June and have already fallen in love with it! However, we just bought a house and had to use our honeymoon reservation money on a few expenses we didn't know would occur. Does anyone know if they will be having any other specials similar to the 55% Early Escape special they are offering until the end of this month? We can book it next month, so does anyone know if they do extensions on the specials?

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    My husband and I have been to CTI twice, and have booked out next trip for the beginning of May. You're gonna love it!

    With the being said, if you book directly through Couples they give you payment options. They have a "love away" plan. You only have to put down $100 and then they automatically charge your credit card $100 every month. Full payment is due 45 days prior. Keep in mind that this is only valid if you book the hotel only. If yoiu want to book your flight at the same time, you have to pay for the flight in full plus the $100 deposit.

    I hope that helps!

    Terra Procopio

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    that does help...can you add on the traveler's insurance after you purchase?

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    I believe you can purchase traveler's insurance after your reservation, or at least it looked like we could add it at the time we made our final payment on our upcoming trip (just a few days ago), but I would definitely call to verify. We're done both the $400 reservation and the love away plan and had no problems either way.

    Though they do sometimes extend the specials, I certainly wouldn't count on it. Congrats on the honeymoon and the house!

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