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    Default Ting-ing fantastic!

    We got back from our weddingmoon at CSA last week - it was amazing and we didn't want to come home at all

    Whilst there I totally fell for Ting, which is amazing because I normally don't like fizzy drinks at all. Then - excitement of all excitement, I found that our local Tesco (we live in the UK!) has a Jamaican section with loads of stuff - including TING

    My wonderful hubby brought 8 cans home last night - drinking Ting whilst looking at the weddingmoon pics is bliss. Well, the best we can manage without being at CSA!!!

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    I too feel in love with Ting. My wonderful husband found Ting online and had it ship house for our anniversary. Best gift ever.

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    I love the Ting also, but the calories are so high there is no way this overweight body could take it. I wish they had a diet version of it.

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    I would like to know also if there is a diet ting?

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    Its just like our Fresca. I love ting also, but try Fresca, you'll think it is the same.

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    There is Diet Ting using Splenda but I think it's only available in Jamaica

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    We can also find Ting at our local Publix supermarket...but it's way too overpriced and only sold as single(small) bottles...We do love "Squirt" soda, though....the next best"domestic" equivalent....If you are looking for a diet version...try's made by Coca Cola and very similar, but diet
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    We can't get Squirt or Fresca iin the UK. I think our nearest would be Lilt - but it's not anywhere near as nice as Ting.

    I found this place which ships diet Ting - but only in the US:

    It is a bit calorific, and expensive as you can only get single cans. I think it'll be a one can at the weekend treat, but it's just amazing to be able to get it at all.

    Watched Cool Runnings last night and Sanka was drinking Ting

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    I totally beg to differ. I'm a Ting junkie when in JA, and I can't STAND Fresca. Sorry ya'll.... Ting? FAB! Fresca? Yuck. And re: the calories, I cut it half and half with club soda if I'm worried about calories and then it's even more refreshing and only half the cals.

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    I got a Mountain Dew for lunch today and as I took my first sip it reminded me of drinking Ting on the beach of Negril. I know it's not the same but the memories of drinking Ting on the beach are still vivid in my head. Only thing better would be a Red Stripe right now but I think they would frown on that at work.

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