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    Default CSS - snorkeling

    He. We're booked for CSS in February. We both enjoy snorkeling, and especially liked the boat that went out daily to different reefs at CSA.

    Is the snorkeling as good at CSS? Do they go out once or twice a day?


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    Default Snorkling ay CSS

    Hi, I will also be at CSS in Feb. So would very much like to hear about the snofkling.
    Cheers, Timo

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    Hi. We have also booked in Feb. I would very much like to know the answer to this question and any info on the diving would be great as well.
    Cheers, Timo

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    We love to snorkel, too! We've been to both CSA and CSS. The CSS snorkel boat is a little bit smaller than the CSA snorkel boat.

    During high season, there are three scheduled snorkel trips daily at CSS. One of the dive spots is a sunken boat. It is much different than any of the reefs at CSA because it is much deeper water (although the boat anchors in shallower water and you then swim out to the wreck). I thought the wreck was very cool. They also took us over towards Ochi and there are several reefs there that are similar to what you would experience at CSA.

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    I am also planning a trip to CSS in August 2011. I went snorkeling at CSA, but thought the fish were not active at all. It may depend on what time you go. So, I am hoping snorkeling will be nicer at CSS. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Also is there a private snorkeling group that will take you out for a few hours ? I could snorkel all day...or scuba

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    Sogo - I am sure that you could book an all-day snorkel and/or dive trip through the concierge at CSS (I know others have done this at CSA).

    I think it is luck of the draw as to whether or not the fish are "active" enough for your liking. Does this mean you are looking for schools of fish? We saw plenty of schools of Sargeant Majors at both resorts. Perhaps if you want them to be active, bring a banana with you. Feeding them always gets them active.

    I also did the resort scuba class at CSS. The dive captain took excellent care of us, and I was very happy with the experience.

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    BobandJudy, thanks so much. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Do you know if they offer a "night snorkle" as they did at CSA?

    Sogo, my husband would probably be interested in a private snorkeling if there is anything like that available, so I'll keep an eye on this string. He's like you...would probably snorkle all day if he could! LOL!

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