I am getting married at CSA in a couple of weeks. I had planned on using the resort photographer but have heard mix reviews. Plus you get such a limited number (of uneditted photos).

Can you recommend an outside photographer that is reasonable? We are on a tight budget so as awesome as Stacey Clarke is...we can't afford her. We are having a reception when we get home and have spent the bulk of our photo budget their so we can have photos with friends and family.

I've heard Diana Campbell with Digital Memories is good, but I haven't seen her prices. I've also heard Sungold Photography is good, but also haven't seen their prices. Andrew Vassel (who use to be a resort photog) is now on his own and is suppose to be good but I couldn't find any information for him or examples of his work online.

I know that there is a $500 vendor fee just to have the photographer come on to the resort. Will some of the photographers split that cost with you?

Any help would be appreciated!