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    Default Not Scared To Book Anymore!!

    Thanks so much to all who replied and gave me your authentic and inspiring advice. Reading your posts gave me such a great relief and I will move forward with planning our vacation. I guess a small detail that I left out was this would be our well delayed honeymoon so I want it to be very special. From the many experiences you all shared, it sounds like it will be quite the experience. I will go with an open mind and will not read anymore reviews from Tripadvisor. As a few of you pointed out, there are wayyyyyyyyy more good reviews than bad ones. There is something to be said about that. Thanks again.

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    There are some people that will always find something to complain about. What a sad way to go through life. I prefer to look for the positive. Fortunately at Couples, I didn't have to look far! The positive was right under my nose the whole time.

    Maybe if I looked really hard, I could find something negative that I could gripe about, but why would I want to do that?

    You are going to have a great time. My wife and I can't wait to be second timers!

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    Don't be afraid to read Trip Advisor. It is a great source of information. In fact, that's where I learned about CSA so I have to thank them for that. :-)

    Just don't get bogged down by every little negative comment. Even the most wonderful places in the world get negatives comments now and then. I think a lot of it is because people get something they don't expect (or don't get something they did expect). But if you notice, if those people had read Trip Advisor, they would have known what to expect.

    When we first started reading reviews, my husband got kind of freaked out too. So we looked at the reviews of places we'd been and loved and guess what. There was always someone complaining about something. :-)

    When you read the reviews, just look for the trends. You can get a very good idea of the resort's strengths and weaknesses.

    Have a great honeymoon!
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    Default Not scare anymore

    Thank you and you are right.

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