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    Default CSA kitchen tour?

    Does anyone happen to know if CSA offers a tour of the kitchen with the head chef like they do at CN? And if so, when is it? Thanks!

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    I was wondering the same thing about CTI, and how do we get invited? We are going to be there from 11/26 through 12/2

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    I would love to do the CSA kitchen tour also!

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    Default Kitchen tour at CSA?

    Good question! I had considered taking the tour at CN this year but couldn't drag myself away from the beach. Afterwards, I was sorry that I didn't attend as friends came back from the tour with different facts such as how many meals per day are prepared for guests & staff, etc. It sounded really interesting. If CSA has a similar tour, I wouldn't mind taking it. As far as signing up for it, it was just one of the daily activities posted and you were to show up at a specific spot at a certain time.

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    If they don't have an official one like CN, just find and ask the head chef and he will arrange a private one for you. They did this for us at both CSS and CTI. Too bad we left CTI early and couldn't attend.
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    Great! I think I will request a tour, as suggested. We will be there 11/18-11/25, in case anyone else is interested, and will be there at the same time....

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    Good Idea.. We will request a tour as well. 12/26 to 1/2 . Thanks for the idea.

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    i know it's sad but i would love to visit the kitchen at cti when i visit 16/11/10 - 30/11/10 is this possible?

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    busymom...i'd love to be in on that! we will be at CSA Nov. 16 - 23.

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    Ok, great, CanAm! Sounds like you may also be interested in visiting a local school? I am also working on a repeat visit. If you want to post your email, I would be happy to contact you once I have more details...

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    My husband and I will be at CSA Nov 14-21 and I plan on bringing some school supplies for a local school. I have read that we will have to pay a duty fee on that? Does anyone have any clue how much that might cost? I have like 30 tablets, 30 folders, lots of pencils and crayons, etc. I thought about speaking with the front desk to have them get a cab for us so we can explore Negril a little bit along with deliver these supplies to a local school? I also thought that maybe we would be able to give these supplies to the person who cleans our room or others we connect with while down there.

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    Default that sounds wonderful email is Thanks soooooo much!

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    We were allowed 4 bags total for the two of us last year on Air Jamaica, so we brought 2 full suitcases of supplies (50 lbs EXACTLY) last year. We were greeted at customs with a raised eyebrow at our extra 2 (very heavy) bags and were kindly directed to the dreaded "red line." As we didn't have a waiver, but only the email from the resort, they were a bit sticky about our stash. (I got a little crazy shopping I guess.) A quick negotiation session and $36US later, we were on our way to CSA where ShellyAnn Simpson (sales office) had included a very nice confirmation card in our welcome packet with the date and time that we would be meeting our driver (Denham).

    I don't imagine you'd be stopped at the airport if you didn't have the quantities we did (100 of everything). And even then if you have a receipt or letter from the institution you are donating to, they may not charge you anything....maybe check out the customs page if you plan on bringing larger amounts. I also know the resort will deliver them on your behalf if you'd prefer, and yes, they can help arrange a cab if you want to so some exploring...if you want to donate them to the housekeepers or staff, just be sure to include a note so as not to get them in trouble with the no tipping policy. From what I hear, school supplies are very expensive on the island and most of the locals seem to know families in need.

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    I didn't realize they offered kitchen tours.Since we began going to Couples i have always tried to replicate the pumpkin soup.this past year Chef Anthony Miller sent me home with pumpkin and recipe.Still didn't compare to his but getting there.would love to have a tour.

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    busymom - thank you so much for the info. No I only have about 25 or 30 of each and it can easily fit in with the rest of our stuff we're taking. I figured this way we would have room to bring other stuff back with us! We'll have our carry on's and then 1 big piece of luggage each. I thought I read something on the customs website about if it were less than $150 ( I think I only spent like $30) then it would be ok? Oh well...even with all the stuff you bought and $36, that's not bad at all! Thanks again for the info...we'll be there in 2 days!!!

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    You are most welcome! I am trying to arrange a visit on Friday the 19th...let me know if you'd like to join us, or inquire with Shellyann in the office after you arrive. Thanks for thinking of the kids!

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    Thank you!! I am not sure what our plans are for the week...if we're going to try to go out and see Negril with a private cab or what. I'll try to talk to Shellyann once we get there! Can't wait til tomorrow around 4pm when traveling should be over and we should actually BE at CSA!!!

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