My wife and I are going for our third year in a row to CSA from 12/4-12/11. The first two years we booked thru an online service and everything was taken care of. This year I booked directly thru CSA using the "Deferred Plan" paying 1/2 up front and the balance 45 days prior to arrival. I have a few questions for anyone who may have previously used the "Deferred Plan":

1. Can you pay the balance off earlier than 45 days prior? If so, how?

2. Will the additional 3% fee be charged due to the overseas credit card tax?

3. Will CSA send me any aditional info (e-mail or correspondence) giving me additionl info about my flight? The confirmation e-mail only gave me the flight number and I just want to make sure everything is in order before I arrive at the airport.

The reason I'm posting on the message board with these questions is that I had called about my booking previously and the charge for the phone call was about $35. I'm just trying to avoid that. Thanks for any guidance or info anyone can give.