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    Default What do you do the night before?

    I'm just nosey. ;-) What does everyone do on Couples Eve? Ours is coming up fast. Any last minute tips?

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    We're not that much fun. We spend our last night at home worrying about our dogs. Our boys are older (13 and 14), and one of them has lost his sight this year. As much as we love Couples, it's hard to leave Dasher and Rudy.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Pedicures and out for dinner.....double check everything and try and get some sleep.

    Have fun... we have 48 days to go!

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    Wow I envy your dilema wondering what to do on Couples Eve. My best advice is to go through what you've packed and lighten the load. You should have mostly beachwear and just a couple of dress up outfits for the reservations only restaurants. No one will be taking notes to see if you've worn the same outfit twice, so don't get caught up in that nightmare of overpacking good clothes. Men should have mostly tee shirts & swim trunks and the same for women and a few beach coverups. If you don't have coverups you can always buy a few wraps when you get there. My wife does that every trip and she takes great pleasure in shopping for them. Also bring at least two or three bottles of sunscreen per person. If you run out down there it's very expensive. Oh I almost forgot, carry a small bag with sunscreen, bathing suits, tee shirts/coverup and sandals so that when you get there you can quickly change and hit the beach right after check-in without having to rummage through all your bags. We've found that most times your room will not be ready when you arrive. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    The thing we do every night...Try to take over the world!

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    We typically relax at the hotel bar by the Sue says...that's when the vacation starts at check in...

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    We live about 45 minutes from the airport so our tradition is to go up and stay in a hotel nearby the night before. We leave home in the late afternoon, check in to the hotel and put our bags in the room then we go downtown to one of those areas with old renovated buildings and interesting, unique shops and restaurants. We have dinner and walk around for a while then go back to the hotel room and watch Monday night football.

    This year we are leaving on a Wednesday instead of Tuesday so we'll have to change it up a little but we'll still do the rest of the routine. Not only does it save us the worry of missing our flight due to weather or vehicle trouble but it gets us relaxed and in vacation mode the day before. For me the getting ready, packing, making a flight, etc can be a headache and this ritual makes all that happen a day before so when we are on our way to Jamaica we are already feeling relaxed. Also gives us time to think about what we might have forgotten before it's too late to fix it.

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    start packing! lol

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    We have to drive to Illinois before we go to Jamaica. We take our daughter to his mothers house spend the night and then fly out the next day. Its a bit hectic but worth it. There definetly is no sleeping going on, too excited.
    One Love,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsalwaysright View Post
    I'm just nosey. ;-) What does everyone do on Couples Eve? Ours is coming up fast. Any last minute tips?
    We chill out! The day before we leave, we just make sure we have everything we need. Since we take a red eye flight, we get to the airport about 2 to 2 and a half hours before hand and we go to one of the lounges and get the party started early!!!!

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    Default couples eve

    Besides count the seconds until it time to leave for the airport..... read message board for some last minute detail I've missed, check flight to see if its still on time, make sure pass ports are ready, make sure pens work and are packed. And Thank Grandparents again for wacth kids. All of the above will done a 100 times or more couples eve.

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    Try and go to sleep early... it never works.

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    We always (well the 2 times we've been!) do a twilight check in at Gatwick & stay at a hotel near the airport, have a nice meal wishing the hours away!

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    We always do the park, stay and fly @ Hampton Inn near the airport and just relax and get lots of sleep because we know this will be the last time we sleep well for a week! We try to find one with a nice restaurant/bar so we don't have to go anywhere. It's hard to sleep though becuase we are so excited about Jamaica!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Stuff we shouldn't.

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    Default Couples Eve Up in the Air

    Actually, we'll be on a plane on Couples Eve (which is tomorrow night). We take a red-eye to Charlotte and then a morning flight to Mo'Bay. By the time we get to CTI we will need a vacation (not to mention a shower and a good night's sleep).


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    i spent 4 hours looking for my lost wallet with my I.D. in it. Talk about a panic

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    we have a 3 hour drive to the airport, and then have an all night flight since we are coming from Oregon. Only 4 days until we leave!! SO excited, but already having major flight anxiety!! I HATE flying!! Maybe since our flight leaves Portland at 10:30pm and arrives in Charlotte, NC at 6am, I will be too tired to be anxious! LOL! NOT!
    Can't wait to just BE THERE!!!!!

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    Coming from Phoenix, we sleep on the plane.

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    Couples Eve... Hmmm, hadn't thought that much about it! We have a cheaper flight out of a city close by and have a room for our E A R L Y (6 am) flight. We'll be driving, then anticipating.... Our first trip is coming up on the 11th of September. YAH!!

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    Relax in a bar at a park and fly hotel near Ohare.

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    Daire...are you sure your name isn't The Brain! We always have a very early flight and live over an hour from the airport, so we book a room at a hotel at our airport (Philadelphia), go there early, have dinner and a few drinks. that way, we don't have to get up as early in the morning.

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    We take a red-eye out of Denver and have to be at the airport at 11pm. Our tradition has been to go to Ruby Tuesday's by the airport with our friend who drops us off and treat him to a nice dinner. Then it is off to the airport. We do the same thing coming back and take our friend out to a nice dinner when we get home. We are always hungry so it works out well. Plus on the way to the airport we get the party started at the restaurant cause we ain't driving!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I'm packing and making lists for the mother-in-law that is keeping our 3 kids. I'm usually quite stressed because I am a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to do stuff. The next morning, I am in vacation mode.

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    Default What do you do the night before?

    A similar thread circulated earlier this year...what I found out is that there's a great majority of people, including us, that EAT PIZZA the night before. Kind of a ritual, don't want any leftovers in the fridge, it's quick & easy, great tasting and a food that we typically do not have while on vacation. WE have to have a pizza fix before we leave town...just sayin'!

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