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    We enjoyed a wonderful vacation at CSA last Feb. We are now planning our winter getaway for this upcoming Feb. We are toying with the idea of trying CTI. Could some of you "veterans" of both CSA and CTI chime in on the differences we will see. Obviously the beach is different which will be a drawback. We love long walks down the beach. I've read that CTI has more of a hotel feel. Is this true? Is the deluxe garden room choice ok? We stayed in an Atrium at CSA and loved the location. We are not planning on visiting the "island" so that is not a pull. I've read reviews both positive and negative about CTI as I read both before going to CSA. I thought I'd look for some feedback from this board. Any would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff & Dawn

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    We've been to both CTI (2009) and CSA (2010). I've been hammered before for equating CTI to a high rise resort, but yes, compared to CSA it does have a hotel feel. If you like long walks on the beach you'll run out of room at CTI pretty quick. We're not saying that CTI is a bad choice as it has its own special qualities that make it unique (i.e. the "island"). The catamaran cruise at CTI was better than that at CSA. If you choose to stay at CTI the first thing we'd advise is not comparing it to CSA. Simply go and look for what makes that resort special to you. To get long walks on the beach with Couples CSA and CN are the places to go.

    Hope this helps!

    Bart & Bug

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    We have been to both and CSA is our favorite by a VERY slim margin. We loved the beach at CTI as well, and didn't realize how nice a quiet, private beach would be. The resort is much smaller size-wise, and had more of a "South Beach" feel to it, IMHO. I would upgrade to at least the Deluxe Ocean View room, as this was perhaps our favorite part of our trip to CTI. (We stay Atrium at CSA as well.) but the view from our room at CTI was nothing short of spectacular!

    The food was fabulous. The staff was amazing... Honestly, I could go on and on...... The ONLY drawback for us was there is nowhere to run, and DH and I love morning jogs on the beach. We managed to get in some nice-ish workouts in the gym, and by playing beach volleyball, but that was it.

    If you have any specific questions, please feel free to post back or PM me... veronica dot vandyke at gmail dot com.

    Enjoy your trip!!

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    We did CSA 10/2008 and to CTI earlier this month. We definitely prefer CSA, that said everything at CTI was great, the staff is wonderful. We liked that the beach is private at CTI but as beach people CSA's beach is amazing. We also prefer the less "hotel" feel at CSA, I would definately upgrade to Oceanview if staying at CTI, beautiful sunrise. We also spent a day at CSS and may try there is the future. I think it may be your first will always be your favorite.

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