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    Default Womens attire at gourmet dining

    Are women allowed to wear dress pants during gourmet dining? Or is it restricted to dresses?

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    Absolutely. Dressy capris are just fine too.

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    Dress pants are fine. I will let you know that I prefer to wear a sundress in the evenings because it is so warm. The lighter the clothing the better.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Yes, you can wear dress slacks at any of the gourmet restaurants. Just pair it with a nice blouse and nice sandals and you're set.

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    Dress pants are fine. As long as you don't wear beach attire.

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    Oh yes, you can always wear dress pants but usually it is too hot to wear pants! Dresses or skirts feel so much better!

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    Hi FuninJamaica,
    I don't believe dresses are required, but no shorts. Dress pants is likely not a problem.

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    Dress pants would be fine, also capris with a dressy top.

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    You can certainly wear smart pants ( trousers? - pants means knickers to me but I assume your question isn't that off the wall). When I visit Couples I see a range of smartness for dining from scruffy to redcarpet, but I think that for the special occasion settings you will want to make an effort for yourself and to enance the experience of others. Glam pants sound great.

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