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    So I booked the Ocean Verandah Suite as it seemed to be the best option for our first time to CSA as my fiance didn't want to be directly on the beach for fear it might get a little noisy in the mornings when shes sleeping( I know, I told her that it most likely would not be an issue as we'd probably be up pretty early to hit the beach and really immerse ourselves in JA, but she was insistent) Back to topic, i saw a video on youtube touring the rooms and it looked like the OVS did not have a T.V.? Is this true? If so, is that the case in all rooms? Thanks for your help!!

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    There is no differance between Beachfront and Oceanview Veranda Suites, just location.

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    Rooms with "verandah" in the name have TV's in them. Pretty nice flat screens. The remaining rooms do not have a TV. I understand it could be a big deal to you on your first trip, but you will find that you could probably get along fine without one. We have stayed in a room with a TV for our first four trips to CSA, but next summer we are staying in an Atrium suite for a change up. No TV this time, but we do not see the need for it really.

    Have a great trip. You will love CSA, TV or not.

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    It has a tv...atrium and beachfront suites do not.
    Erika & Sean

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    The OVS does have a TV and a mini-bar. So does the BFVS, but they're more expensive and right on the walking trail and beach. so probably will be a bit noisier.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks everyone for getting back to me. I have very little plans of actually watching t.v. but unfortunately I developed the awful habit of normally falling asleep to the t.v. and just setting the sleep timer. Having one in the room just offers me a little comfort in getting a better nights sleep while I'm recharging for the next day!

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    I think I know why you didn't see a TV on YouTube in the OVS room. CSA just recently upgraded the Verandah suite rooms to have flat screen TVs. They are now hung on the wall above what looks like an entertainment cabinet. Prior to the flat screen TVs, the TV was located inside the closed doors of the cabinet. So you would not have seen the TV on the room tour.

    The BFVS rooms are not noisy during the morning, especially if you have your verandah doors closed. The sand sweeper does go by usually around sunrise, but it is a low humming noise and not very loud. We love the BFVS rooms, although the OVS rooms are exactly the same, except they are located behind the BFVS rooms.

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