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    Default Best vacation EVER!

    1. Romantic beach wedding
    2. True love
    3. Just married tee-shirts
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    1. Happy beach bride
    2. Isn't it beautiful?
    3. Rainbow on our wedding day!
    4. Relaxing
    5. Paradise
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    Default Couples Sans Souci, Romance & Paradise

    1. Sunset over the Lagoon. CSS, Sep 2009
    2. Celebrating 25 Wonderful Years. CSS, Aug 2010
    3. Sunsets & Fishermen at CSS. CSS, Aug 2010
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    Deleted because I had trouble uploading pictures and ended up with a double post. See post below.
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    Default Fun at Couples San Souci in Ochi, Jamaica - 10/6-12/2010

    My husband and I had a wonderful time in Jamaica. There was beautiful scenery everywhere we walked at Sans Souci surrounding us. Attempted to capture with pictures.
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    Default Cti & css

    #1 - CTI, April of 2008 while undergoing renovation
    #2 - Distant view of CSS with Ocho Rios in the background
    #3 - 2 Friendly birds at CSS.
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    Default Couples Happiness!

    CSA - Our happy place!
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    Never know who's watching at CSS --- love all the details!

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    Perfect place for a massage (or a milk & honey wrap if you find out you're pregnant a week before you go and massages aren't permitted!)

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    I swore no sunset pictures, but I sigh every time I look at this and wonder when I get to go back!

    Name:  Sans Souci Sunset 2.jpg
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    Default Couple Tower Isle

    What an awesome place...we will be back for sure.

    1. View off a patio on the back of the resort.
    2. Reflection off the lounge windows of palms and blue sky.
    3. Dessert tray at Monday's Beach Party
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    That dessert tray picture is really awesome.

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    Default I want to be "Swept Away" again!

    Best way to spend the morning..........
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    Best way to spend the afternoon.........
    Name:  Relax.jpg
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    Best way to spend the evening...........
    Name:  CSA-Sunset.jpg
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    Bob Marley treating me well

    Sunrise In Paradise

    Talk about a lasting impression
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    Couples is what paradise is all about!

    Couples is where lasting friendships are made!

    Couples is about relaxing with the one you love!

    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    Default Our beautiful CSA honeymoon

    We were so fortunate to have picked CSA for our honeymoon! Unfortunately, we both got sick the day of our wedding and remained so the whole week.

    However, all of our troubles were swept away as we enjoyed the unforgettable setting, the comfy room, and maybe a little too much of the great food! Thanks to all of the staff...from the bartenders, cooks & event coordinators to the house & groundskeepers who made our time so enjoyable. They all do such great work. We plan on doing honeymoon v.2.0 as soon as possible, and it wouldn't be anywhere but Couples.

    Chandra at Sunset

    Catamaran Man

    Fireworks in Negril

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    Default Oct. Photo Contest

    Css 2010!!!
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    Default Couples Sans Souci January 23-30 2010

    We can't wait to return to the beauty of Sans Souci!
    1. The lobby entrance
    2. The beautiful sea
    3. The balcony sunsets
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    Default Window to Paradise,Sunrise in the Garden of Irie, Sleep to the whisper of palm CTI

    From sunrise to long after sunset we enjoyed every day at Couples Tower Isle. The entire staff is a pleasure to be around. The resort itself is gorgeous as are the employees.
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    Default OCTOBER 2010 Photo Contest

    We spent our honeymoon at Couples Tower Isle September 27th to October 10th, 2010. We had an amazing time and can't wait to get back.

    1. Sunrise, who can sleep in when there's so much to do. Taken with my fisheye lens.
    2. The au naturel island. Those sand crabs certainly have a nice view!
    3. The Piano Bar. A look in the mirror.

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