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    It is getting close! We are so excited to go home to CTI!

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    Final fitting for my wedding dress is done, fits perfect and I could take it home!!! Also finally got my ring ordered...cut it close to being ready on time but I think it'll be ok And it looks like I might be able to take care of the catamaran cruise for our party to go on after the ceremony (we want to do the whole 'take the plunge' in our wedding attire). Getting so freaking excited! I got butterflies in my tummy already just thinking about it!

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    24 days to wait. see you soon Crystal and Travis.

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    Default days

    37 days

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    30 days to go....Come soon....

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    18 more days to wait.

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    :37 days for us!! CAN'T WAIT!! October 22 can't come soon enough!!!

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    22 days 9hrs 11min to Wake up....

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    2 more work weeks...2 weeks in paradise. Finally...

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    2 weeks and we'll be there. First we have to go to the New England Couples Partee next weekend in Providence, RI and have fun and see Randymon. Can't get a better run up than that.

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    I can't believe how close we're getting!!! Last week of work next week, then 2 weeks off - woo hoo!!!!!

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    With weekends and buffer days, I'm off from the end of the month until the 18th! LOL

    Will work survive without me? Only The Shadow knows.

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    I hear ya KrisJamie - the 30th is my last day, and not back until the 18th......I really need the break though, no vaca in 2 years!

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    I wish I had all those days but I'll settle for a week in Paradise in 15 days...Soon Come

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    This is is so great! We will all be at CTI at some point next month!! Today is 29 days to go for us! Getting SO EXCITED! Hoping that the days we all have to count down to paradise F...L...Y... by!!
    Lori & Bill 10/22-10/29

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    Kate and Adam here. Couples Tower Isle October 8-October 15. See you there

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    Please add us to the list! Rob and Reba 10/27 - 11/1. This is our first vist to Couples and we cannot wait!

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    10 Years What time are you coming in we arrival in Montego Bay 8:30am Phil&Jane
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    Last week of work for me - 7 days for hubby. I don't know how I will stay focused and actually get some work done! Almost time to it

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    Can't wait to see everyone!
    Deb and Jas - We are so jealous you get there first! Safe Travels!

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    Only 12 days left - I have to stop daydreaming and get some work done! I know you all understand how anxious I am!

    CTI 10/8-10/17

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    We will be there 10/22 to 10/29. It will be exactly one year.

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    Saturady and well be there. Crystal and Travis, we'll see you on Sunday.

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    9 days.....Arrived Sat 10/8 I hope around 11am...

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    We're packing and cleaning up around the house ofr the dog/house sitter. I had lunch with my mom today and realized that the next time I see her will be 4:45 Tuesday morning for our "chauffeur" ride to the airport.

    It's really is.

    Now, how to pack a 72lb pit bull in the luggage....

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