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    Default CSA in October

    I am going to CSA October 12th for 5 nights for my honeymoon and was wondering who else is going to be there around the same time??

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    Hi ajbounds,
    My husband and I are arriving on the 14th and will be there until the 21st. Head over to the meet up at couples section of the message board and you'll find a whole bunch of us who will be at CSA at the same time.
    12 days!!

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    Honeymooning @ CSA Oct. 11-16

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    My fiancee and I (and our parents) will be there from Oct. 11-17. We are getting married on Oct. 14.

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    We have a bunch of us coming the 10th to the 16th. We all have birthdays and anniversaries that we can claim to be the reason, but mostly we are coming to have fun.

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    We'll be there Oct. 10-16!

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    Wow I didnt realize so many. I have been looking at the weather and Im hoping it isnt going to be too bad.

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    We are so excited! We arrive 10/14-10/19!!!

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    My husband and I arrive on Oct 14th and staying till the 20th. Can't wait!!!!!!

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