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    Default Off site excursions around CN

    Hi all,
    My wife and I along with several other couples from southeast Louisiana will be arriving CN Oct 20-27 (all first timers). We are very excited, can't wait to get there. Was just wandering what type of excursions there are around CN.

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    Reese -n- Steph

    surprised no one responded yet, but here goes. being first timers really dont plan on leaving too much, in two visits we could only bear to leave the resort about 3 times, even though we had 10 days our second trip there are just too many to do's at CN to want to leave,
    the included's are:
    catamaran caves/sunset booze cruize about 3 hours
    glass bottem boat about 1.5 hrs
    snorkeling about 1.5 hrs. did that twice
    downtown market trip, about 2 hrs
    walk to craft market 1.5 hrs
    walk on own to office of nature 1-2 hours.
    beginers scuba course and half hour scuba, a full morning
    golf half or full day
    Margaritaville 2-3 hrs (many say its boring and too much $$ for drinks and normal bar food).

    That being said off site for a first timer,
    Ricks, if its open, either to jump or watch the divers, 3 hrs
    YS or Mayfield falls, Appleton Rum Tour or Pelican bar a full day but you will only do 2 of the 4 per excursion.

    You could also do a trading places to CSA and walk Long Bay(5 miles) or take your own cab and start at a public beach visiting bars as you go..If you do it on your own without trading places. CSA wont let you on the property

    Not sure what else too plan but now that this is bumped watch for more suggestions...

    Really don't plan too much, CN is just too nice to leave.

    have fun,


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    We are going to CSA/CN in March, planning on an excursion to Appleton Estate and YS Falls. My travel agent has a local she is setting us up with to act as our tour guide.

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    PV is so right, don't over plan, you won't do it all. Sand gravity takes over and you just don't feel like coming off the beach or missing a day on the beach. This past year we were going to take advantage of trading spaces and go to CSA (should have now that I think of it, that was the day I smashed my toe) and at the last minute decided not to go.

    The beach is beautiful, the water wonderful and the service great you will end up not leaving the resort. Enjoy.

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    I may try and find you guys before or after your trip. We may want to see if your "tour guide" would fit into our schedule as well!! We are at CN from 22-26 (excluding travel days) Is your pic posted so I know who to look for?

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    I think one of the things you will find once you get there is it is SO relaxing, you don't want to leave. There really are a lot of activities to do on the resort if you want, or you can do nothing at all. Last year was our first trip, but I can't imagine leaving the resort. Too much to do, all the food is paid for already, so many people to make friends with..beautiful beach and pool's all in that one spot.

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    Really don't plan too much, CN is just too nice to leave.

    I ditto this advice. When we go, we usually do the shopping trip--our only excursion off-property--and by the time we are on the day back, I am so anxious to get back HOME....I just find there is so much to do at the resort and I really enjoy the rest and relaxation just being on the beach....just my opinion.

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    If you do the Black River,YS Falls and Appleton Estates you can plan on being gone about 8-9 hours. YS was one of the nicest falls I have ever seen as it is actually 7 falls. Appleton was interesting and Black River you could probably live without. The roads other than the main roads to the resot areas are deplorable. I hope you don't mind being jarred for miles and miles. It is an interesting tour but what the resort offers will keep you busy.

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