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    I've seen a few threads going on as of late but didn't want to hijack anyone else....So here's my question, I want to get my certification for open water but am wondering if I'd be better off to start it off up here in the great white north durring the winter or should I just hold off and do it while at coules for 2 weeks?

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    if you do the pool/classwork at home you'll have more time to do other stuff while on holiday. however if you're going to be there for two weeks you can probably spare the time to do it all there

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    We did it at the resort and are so glad we did. The water is warm, the people are nice and it's fun and it's not very expensive. Our friends paid twice what we did to do it locally and they had to swim in a cold pool in the winter. The tests hardly take any time at all. I did mine while we are breakfast. Most of the work is done in the water and I would much rather be in that water. Plus, if you have any resort credit you can use that to pay for it.

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    Personally, I would try to do as much of it as you can at home. It will save you time at the resort, as there is reading and knowledge reviews and the final exam. Do you want to do that on vacation? Some people don't mind, but it takes vacation time. You can either see if you have a local dive shop to take the classroom and pool portions, or you can do it online and maybe do the pool at home.
    So when you get there all you will have to do is possibly the pool, and the 4 ocean dives and you're done. It's called a referral course. I did mine that way years ago as I didn't want to dive cold water at home. I finished in Australia on the GBR But I did dive cold water and became an instructor. The only down side is that when you price it out it may cost more money.

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    If it were me I would do all of the classroom/online stuff at home and arrange to do the open water training dives at Couples. If you do the entire thing on vacation it gets pretty time consuming.
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    Hello.. We recently started diving last christmas... We did the course at home, at a dive shop that had an indoor pool. It was great, small class as we took it in Nov. so just me and hubby and the instructor with a guy getting certified to be an instructor. Very lucky, and then we did our open water dives in Jamaica at christmas. Worked out awesome, got the extra TLC i felt a needed to be comfortable, and was ready to do the open in warm water. Price was really no different than doing here at home in cold western Mass. Our best bet would be wait til Aug do do our open water cert in Rockport in the COLD atlantic ocean, Brrrr...Plus I don't think i would want to waste vacation time, but that is just my own humble opinion. Enjoy, diving is awesome.. We go back to Mexico at thanksgiving.. Cozumel is just FAB for diving.

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    Do it at the resort. It is cheaper, they are more experienced, and it took 2 days of our trip...and not even two FULL days. Doing something you want to do is not work, it is still a vacation experience!
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