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    Now that Air Jamaica no longer fly's out of O'hare, can anyone recommend an airline/flight out of Chicago or Milwaukee (preferrably nonstop)?


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    We just booked an American Airlines flight for our end of February trip. Non stop down and back. Flight # 843 on the way down, 844 on the way back. They tend to add this flight. It's not always available, so keep checking.

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    it depends on when you go. we are going in Nov. and the only direct is us3000 and that is on a sunday. Other times they might have differnt airlines at the peak season.

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    flying out of milwaukee, air tran has a charter, flying around christmas to the end of march, non stop

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    It does not look like there are any non-stop flights to MBJ from MKE.

    Out of O'Hare, it depends on what day you travel to see which airlines have non-stop flights. American seems to offer the most flights with service every day except Tuesday and Wednesday. USA3000 flies on Sunday, USAir and United on Saturday.
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    usa3000 goes non-stop to Montego Bay.

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    We live btw MKE and MSN and we are flying out of O'hare direct on American...same as we did last year. Air Tran also offers a nonstop but it is more in the jan-march time frame.
    Erika & Sean

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    Go to a travel web site and put in your information, and you'll be provided with all flight options for your desired dates of travel.
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    AA has nonstop flights out of Chicago on Saturdays. We used them last May/June and will be using them in January and March 2011.

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    Default Chicago flights

    We are flying out in Nov. and taking USA 3000 to MBJ from O'hare leave 6 am. And American on way back. both non- stop. More non-stops are popping up alot. Hope that helps.

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    American has non-stops on certain days and USA 300 has a non stop flight on Sundays. AA is cheaper and, depending on when you're going, has non stops 5 days of the week (at least in December they do). I will miss Air Jamaica though and I'm hoping that they (Caribbean Air) will bring the flights back to Chicago. Early flight to Jamaica, late flight back home to Chicago. It was great while it lasted.
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    We flew AirTran (now Southwest) out of Milwaukee non-stop in March. Great flight!! Hope Southwest will keep the same schedule!

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    USA 3000 & American

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    AA out of Ohare on some days. I beleive US Air out of Milwaukee. You might find some charter flights. It will all depend on what days you are looking to travel whether it be by charter or a regular flight/airline. We loved the early AJ flight out of Ohare in the past. For next years April trip we are flying US Air(1 stop) to Jamaica and AA(Direct-Non Stop) back to Ohare.

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    You might try American Airlines. We can't get any non-stop charters from St. Louis to MBJ right now, so our options are to connect thru various cities - one which pops up alot is Chicago O'hare. I find this when searching thru a tour operator. You might have to try several different days of the week but I know they're out there.

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    USA3000 out of O'Hare is non-stop on Sundays. I found the airfare about $30 per person cheaper when booking the flight only with a tour operator (we booked hotel directly with Couples).

    There is nothing non-stop out of Milwaukee and it is cheaper non-stop out of O'Hare - at least when we are traveling this November.

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    Speed - there are 2 non-stop flights out of ORD. USA3000 flies non-stop to Montego Bay on Thursdays and Sundays. American Airlines flies non- stop out of ORD to Montego Bay on Saturdays and Sundays. We flew with AA this year for the first time to JA in July (used to fly with Air Jamaica) and departed on a Sunday and returned the following Sunday. Flights were both on time and pretty good service all around. Not sure who we're gonna fly with this next July. We are trying to pick our dates based on the availability of the non-stop flights. Hope this helps a little bit!

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    We took American Airlines non-stop ORD-MBJ this last August.

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    US 3000, great airline and nonstop flights. Flies only on certain days.

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    Direct flights! You should live in Iowa. We have to ride a cow to the nearest hoarse rental, ride the horse to the stage coach stop, hop the stage coach and head towards the train depot, rent a car at our next stop to drive to the airport. We then fly to two or three connections and pray the whole time that we aren’t late or the cow doesn’t die.

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    LOL Beach-bum, that was hilarious!
    Erika & Sean

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    Beach-Bum, thanks for giving me a good laugh. I have lived in Iowa all of my 34 years and I totally feel your pain. Wife and I travel at least twice per year and Iowa sucks for direct flights....actually, it has none unless you happen to be going to the hub city of an airline. I had to make 2 connections on the way home from CTI last Feb. We Iowans feel as if we have won if we can get somewhere and only make 1 connection doing so.

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    OMG I laughed so hard. That is too funny of a description of Iowa. Its not that bad in the eastern part. We can eliminate the cow.

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    Oh. I think our cow got out……

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