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    We were just wondering what the gym at CSS is like as we are booked there in Nov. Are Classes available and is there a decent selection of free weights? We are totally jacked to be going and can't wait.

    Mr Norco

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    Yes, and yes.

    They have a decent selection of free-weights and they offer an aerobics, water aerobics (in the mineral pool.... brrrrrrrr), and an afternoon yoga class.

    Classes vary from week to week and day to day. They have both a resident fitness instructor and sometimes they will have visiting yoga/fitness instructors.

    The fitness pavilion (not the gym) is un-airconditioned under cover and has a gorgeous view of the ocean. I did yoga there almost every morning while at CSS a few years ago.

    Have fun!!
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    Here are some photos of the gym at CSS when we were there in July '09.

    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    Thanks for the replies and photos, we couldn't be more excited. I think CSS might be the best place we have gone to yet.

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    The only thing I hate about the gym is that, if you look at the pictures, all the machines face away from the beautiful view of the ocean. The gym guy told us that one night he moved them all to face the water, since everyone says that, and when he came in in the morning they were all back to the way they were. I don't get it.

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    We were at CSS last year and there was a decent selection of free weights and benches. There are also several Nautilus-type machines along with the aerobic equipment. Yes, the equipment does all face the wall, where the TVs are, so that people can watch TV while working out. But there are also mirrors on the walls, so that you can take in the beautiful view.

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    I used the treadmills every day, and some free weights almost every day. Like many exercise rooms there are mirrored walls and you can see the reflection of the sea in the mirror on many of the units.

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    Maybe they could make some of the equipment face the TVs and some of it face the ocean? I would much rather look at the ocean than the TV when working out. Glad the ocean will at least be visible in the mirror - our first visit to CSS will be Dec. 29-Jan 4 - we stayed at CSA in July and CN last Jan (loved them both).


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    We just got back yesterday, and those pictures are current. I also was surprised that the machines don't face the water.

    I would also like to recommend aquacise, which is every morning at 11 am in the mineral pool, right next to the gym. It's a great 1/2 hour workout that anyone can do - you get out of it what you put into it, and you can adapt to your fitness level. The mineral pool is the most AMAZINGLY SOFT water I have ever felt, and I wish I could have slept in the pool!

    There is also a juice bar right next to the fitness center and the mineral pool, so you can grab something healthy after your workout. They even have some bottled fitness water you can grab on your way to your workout.


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