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    Default Wedding at Couples Swept Away in ONE month...

    I would love to hear from other brides who recently got married there and want I can expect. Thank you so much!!

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    My daughter was married 8/16/10 at Swept Away. We had been planning it for about 8 months, just the parents of the bride and groom went. She wanted it to be quite with no stress. The stress came when it started to pour 1/2 hour before the service, but the wedding coordinator quickly setup an area that was beautiful. We hired an outside photographer that was great, you can view their pics at under "Andrea & Jonathan", there is a Youtube video link on her site also. They were worth every paying extra. Enjoy your day, it goes by fast!

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    Default me too

    I would also love to hear all the exciting news as We are getting married 13 th nov,

    Love Julie and Pete x

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    Getting marrie November 13th at 3pm!!

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    Default Congrats!

    Wish all of you the best of luck with your upcoming weddings! I am also having my "weddingmoon" in April! Would LOVE to hear details when you return and get settled!

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    Congrats! We are getting married there next May and I cannot wait!

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    getting married November 5th at 4 PM CSA!!!

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    Happy wedding day! I got married at Swept Away 4th on September, and it couldn't have been more beautiful!

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    We got married on September 25 at CSA and it was amazing. The wedding coordinators both state side and at the resort could not have been more helpful. Z, the resort photographer could not have been better and the spa was incredible as well. We originally booked a sunset wedding (typically 5pm), but the forecast that day was 80% chance of rain all day. We met with the onsite wedding coordinator the day after we arrived and discussed the weather. We moved the ceremony to 4pm to give us a little more time in case of rain. The day of the wedding, I was at the spa watching the clouds roll in an out all afternoon. At 4pm, the sky was beautiful - we got through the ceremony and proceeded to the garden for cake. At 5pm on the dot, the sky opened up. We raced for the lobby and coordinated with the photographer to meet a 6pm for the remainder of the photos. At 6 - it was beautiful again and the sky that much more dramatic because of the storm.

    Every request we made with the coordinators was no problem - even having the hobe cats placed on the beach as a colorful alter wasn't an issue.

    The photos are at

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