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    Default Oct 9-16 Scuba Divers

    Making our first trip to CN. Visited CSS a few years ago and fell in love with the Couples resorts and the wonderful people. Hoping the Oct weather will cooperate with some daily scuba diving. Looking to connect with some fellow divers before heading down this weekend. Who's in for some great Jamaica diving? Does CN do a trip in the AM and one in the afternoon?

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    Hey macmaniac,

    We will be there the 8th - 18th -- I do not dive but my fiance' does. We have friends that are at CN right now who are divers also and they sent me an email today, stating the dive boat is beached about a mile away, and the snorkel boat sank! She is reporting very rough waters still.
    Right now they are using a small boat to take the divers out, and so far there is only 1 dive per day. (there are usually 2)
    Swept Aways' dive boat is also beached so I have heard. No report from our friends if they working on getting either one of them unstuck, But im sure plans are in the works, but i don't think it will be during our stay.
    Her email this morning said she thought the water looked bluer, but the resort as the whole country got a lot of rain from Nicole. They are working hard at getting it cleaned up. Im still looking forward to our visit. I plan on bringing all the sunshine i can with me!! Im sure I will run into you at the dive shack. See you soon!!!
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    Becky -- what his the status of the snorkle boat.

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    Hi Becky! Kait Meeker from Colona! How is the diving?

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