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    Default Randymon, Have you considered a library?

    I am a commuting book-a-holic (even on vacation)! 3, sometimes 4 a week.

    I know how many people bring reading material with them to resorts and I would love to recycle them (as I'm sure many others would). If Couples provided a bookcase in the game rooms we could leave finished reading material there for others to enjoy. Welcome to the Couples Library.

    When books get "worn" they can again be recycled to local interests and enjoyed by others still.

    Personally? I think it's a great idea side bonus - leaving a paperback or 2 behind gives me room for one more gift purchase.


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    Default Leave a book, take a book...

    On our second last day at CSA in March this year, my husband discovered the area where you can leave a book and take one in it's place.
    It was located in the lounge area upstairs in the Martini Bar.
    We wished we would have discovered it sooner, but now we know for next March when we return...
    Soon Come...

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    They have a library at CTI in the entertainment staff office. I saw it last week.

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    When I have visited CTI and CSA previously, they both had areas where guests have left books that could then be read by others.
    I have already bought a couple of books that I plan to leave next trip (94 days to CSA!)

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    Couples already does this. At CN, the bookshelves are in the gameroom. When we visited CSA in 2008, the bookshelves were upstairs near the martini bar and Lemongrass in the area where the piano bar used to be. At CSS when we visited in 2009, the bookshelves were in the game and computer room, and at CTI this past January, there was a room adjacent to the pool (between the Beach Grill and main dining room) where the "library" was maintained.

    The number of books available is very small. Perhaps people will read you post and decide to leave their books for others. While I think it's a good idea, I won't be leaving anything behind b/c I use a Kindle.
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    Hi Sue & Mike,

    I don't know which resort you're asking about, but there is a small library at CN in the game room. We regularly trade books there, and I bring down as many extra as will fit in my suitcase. Lots of the books there seem to be in German. Our Brit friends enjoy picking up books to read on the beach, too.


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    Couples Negril has had exactly what you describe for many years.

    We've also seen a manager with a stack of books at the main bar. He said they take the books that are worn down to a staff library in the back so that the staff can read them.

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    I know they have a "library" at CSA and CSS. I didn't to looking at CTI, and haven't stayed at CN. I noticed at CSA they had quite a few German titles, but I have availed myself of the library MANY times at CSA.

    Now that I'm a Kindle convert, though, I don't use paper books anymore.
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    Each of the resorts already have bookcases available in the games rooms with books on them. Good idea, but it is already in place.
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    There is one at CSA upstairs from the Palms.

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    I thought that when we were at CN last year, there were a bunch of books in the game room and I was under the impression if you wanted to "donate" you could. I do think it's a great idea. I know with Kindles and other things, many people don't read a book anymore, but we still do. We take all of ours to the local nursing home once we read them.

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    Default Lending library

    Hi Sue-

    When I was last at CN granted 2 years ago I did notice that in the game room there is an informal library. I to carry several books with me on vacation. I left most there and swapped out book that I hadn't quite finished. I also left my books at CTI last year. I noticed that in the game room there were several books that could be borrowed. I am sure that if you left them some one else would appreciate them.

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    We were at CTI from 8/21 through 8/28 ... there is a library there already ... borrowed some books and magazines while there, and left ours we finished for the week as well. It was located in the social/entertainment office where you can check out games, etc., as well. Not sure about the other resorts...
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    GREAT idea! Where I live there is an upscale cafe with the same type of library. You are welcome to take a take, borrow, or leave books. It's a nice place to look for free books, get rid of unwanted (but perfectly good) books and find something to read if you happen to be dining alone...I love it!

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    At CTI, you can see Kadie in the game room. She has a nice collection of books and board games. Plus, she has such a delightful personality that it will brighten your day dropping off a book with her!

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    I am a new Kindle owner as well but I still have a pile of about 30 treebooks by my bedside waiting to be read. The books I have purchased on my Kindle I am saving for my trip to CSS.

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    I had no idea they had this at CSA. I never saw it and never even heard of it. What a great idea. I am not one to read a book twice and I have a nice little collection of great beach reads. I will bring as many as I can with me for the library. Thanks for the info.

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    When we were at CN last week, i had finished the book i brought so I exchanged it with one from the shelves. There were quite a few good books there.

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    Thanks everyone. I hadn't seen anything posted anywhere about this. Good to know.

    If nothing else, it will bring it to the attention of others with the same interest.


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    We left a few books at the CSS library last year. It is located in the game room/computer room.

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