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    Default Couples Negril Room Question

    I know this has probably been asked but I cannot seem to search the answer....
    I will be booking a room not suite but is the beachfront that much closer to the beach than the garden...
    Walking distance how long does it take to get to the beach from the garden as opposed to the beachfront.
    Thanks so so much!

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    CN is very compact and nothing is far away. I can't answer where the beachfront suites are but none face the beach directly...they are all at an angle. All the buildings are at an angle. The gardens are close, beach is close, restaurants and pools all close. We booked the deluxe ocean room, same as we had last year. Location was actually right over the koi pond and wedding gazebo, but had a view that we loved of the ocean as well.

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    Hi Lielush, Welcome to the Couples board, . The best thing about CN is that it is a compact resort with all buildings forming a horseshoe around the centerpiece lobby and main pool. None of the rooms are a long walk from the beach or from the lobby and restaurants.

    The beachfront rooms might save you 20 seconds. We have always booked gardenview and so far have been in building 1 and 2 and have loved both.
    If you are wanting AN access the best building is 9 as it has direct access, followed by 6 which is a short walk. Closest to water sports and beach is building 5.
    If being close to beach is your priority any of 1, 5, 6 and 9 are very close, but the others are only 1 or 2 minutes further.
    The gardenview are really nice to sit on balcony and enjoy your morning coffee and contiental breakfast, or sit out with a drink during the afternoon rains. They are really peaceful.



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    Quote Originally Posted by lielush View Post the beachfront that much closer to the beach than the garden...
    Not necessarily closer. It depends on which building block and which room you get, but in any case the beachfront may be closer but not by that much.

    Quote Originally Posted by lielush View Post
    ... how long does it take to get to the beach from the garden as opposed to the beachfront...
    Again it depends on which block you get, but the farthest are perhaps 1/2 a minute further depending on your walking speed.

    The aerial photo of the resort on the panoramic link gives a good idea of the distances as you can see the tennis courts (in the upper left corner) to compare to the size and location of the 9 building blocks.
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    They are basically the same distance apart just on different sides of the resort. Building 1-5 are garden and 6-9 are a mix with beachfront. They are each in a 'u' shape so there really isn't a building that is far from the beach. The walk is less than 2 minutes from all buildings.

    We've been in both and always save the $$ and stay in a garden view. You are hardly ever in your room and because of how the buildings are situated, there isn't a 'true' beachfront view.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    IMHP since I never measured....25 steps from beachfront....100 steps from garden view. CN is a very compact resort with the rooms all close to the restaurants, pool, and beach.

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    Hi lielush

    You can get to the beach from any room at CN in about 90 seconds... 150 seconds if you have to dodge other people or a staff member who is pushing the cart they use to stock the mini bars.

    Seriously, if you walked really slowly from a 3rd floor room that was the furthest from the beach it may take 3 minutes to get your toes into the sand.

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    well good to know! I will save myself the $700 bucks then. I just like to go back and forth from the room to beach and it is nice to be close but I can handle 150 sec max
    I was just thinking of some of the resorts I have been to in Mexico where the beach is far far away from the room.
    Thanks everyone!!

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