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    Which resort is the best for a wedding for just us two both middle age he is 66 I am 52

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    There isn't one resort that is better for a particular purpose or for a particular age group. Spend some time reviewing the amenities that each resort has to offer; read guest reviews, read information on accommodation and dining options, take the photo tours for each resort, and look at guest photos posted on the photos mega thread on the MB. There will be something about one of the resorts that appeals to you in particular; that is the resort that you should choose.
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    Realtor girl - We have seen all 4 Couples resorts, enjoyed them all, but fell in love with CSS!! It is by far the most romantic and beautiful of the 4. We are 61 and 50, so probably have the same sort of things we look for in a resort. If you'd like more information about CSS, and some pictures from our 2 trips there, send us an e-mail at, and we'll send them along to you.

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    I have not been to the other resorts, but you will not go wrong with San Souci. The entire property is magical

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    We were married in the gazabo @CSA on 2/27/09. I'm 52 and he is 65. It was perfect. We were married @4pm, pics in the garden then the beach. The resort photographer was awesome and was with us until 6pm. Pics were beautiful. Then we went to the Martini Bar and had our own little reception. Everyone at the bar was our guests. So much fun! We were married on a Friday and enjoyed the Beach Dinner and entertainment that they put on every Friday. It was like a dream. We chose the gazabo for the privacy and the beauty of the garden.

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    We got married on Swept Away's gorgeous beach but If we were to renew our vows someday, I might choose the gazebo overlooking the sea at Sans Souci, very pretty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Realtor Girl View Post
    Which resort is the best for a wedding for just us two both middle age he is 66 I am 52
    ...If you're looking for a wedding on the beach, especially a "Sun Set Wedding"; go with CN.

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    I'd say it depends on what you are looking for. If you want a beach wedding then I'd go with CN or CSA, but if you want an incredible view I'd go with the gazebo at CSS.

    As Pamela said, age doesn't make a difference. Part of the magic of Couples is that age seems to melt away and everyone enjoys each other. It is truly a magical and romantic place.
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    we got married at CSSS last OCt and absolutly loved it. You coldnt wrong with choosing CSS.

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