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    Default Bartender at Sunset Beach

    Is the bartender at Sunset Beach at CSS usually the same person every day? Who is it and what is he/she like?

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    Well, for our 2 trips to CSS last year, Jheanel was the bartender at SSB, perhaps one of the best bartenders we've ever encountered on a holiday. She is excellent at her job, and has a wonderful personality. Everyone at SSB loved and respected her. However, for some reason, I think she has been moved to the mineral pool bar, and I'm not sure who is at SSB . We're hoping that she will be back at SSB before we go again this winter.

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    We've basically had 2 bartenders in our 3 stays at CSS (SSB), Jheanel and Francine, both were excellent! Occasionally others have filled for a lunch break or evena day off. All are a credit to Couples. Just wondering who'll serve us our first drink when arrive in a couple of days!!

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    just come back from CSS, current barperson at SSB is Francine but Jheanel covers Francines day off on fridays. can't wait to get back in that pool

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    We just got back, and it was Francine. Friday was the only day we missed, but I was told that it's a guy on her days off. It might also be important to note that there are AT LEAST 2 or 3 male employees in addition to the female bartender. I was a little put off to see so many clothed male employees at Sunset Beach, but I soon got over it.
    It was my first time trying au naturel, and although I was really nervous the first couple of days (definition: almost threw up), I finally relaxed and really enjoyed sunbathing and swimming without a wet swimsuit. We even played a trivia game with others at the bar on our final day, and by then my butterflies were gone. There is more body judgment on the main beach than on Sunset Beach.

    We can't wait to go back!


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