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    Is there any tennis facilities at couples negril? The corporate telephones don't work- and the website says absolutely nothing


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    Couples Negril has Tennis courts (4 or 6 I think??)Have fun!

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    The website briefly mentions the tennis courts here:
    Fitness classes and tennis instruction and equipment
    You can also see the 4 tennis courts in this aerial view:

    And yes the courts are in excellent condition.

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    Yes there are at least 4 courts, maybe 6. Very nice at the back of the property. You can see them on the panoramic view and I thought it was listed in the whats included as well.

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    Hi seaskip, There are 4 very nice courts in the back. Devon should still be the head pro, but they usually have a traveling tennis pro that will run clinics for different levels in the AM and a roundrobin social in the late afternoon. The amount of parcipation varies. You can usually meet the traveling pro for that week at the Monday evening Manager's reception. Have fun!

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    Yes, they have 4 courts. I was on them Saturday. I recommend taking a lesson or two from Devin. My wife and I played doubles with Devin and Bill Murray on Thursday. Don't miss it.

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    Hey, Skip. When are you going to be there? Dave and I are going to be at CN from October 17-24. Dave is going to be the visiting pro for the week. We're hoping some people show up for drills or just to play. I hope you'll be there when we are. Anybody else coming that week?


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