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    Default CTI Review 9/23 to 9/28

    We did the Secret Rendevouz and won CTI! It had been a long time
    since we had been to COR so it was intersting to see the new updates. Overall, I thought they did a nice job with the renovations giving it a clean modern look.

    We were given a premier oceanview room which I assume was an ungrade since our reservation had said a garden view room. We were celebrating our anniversary and also did the Forever Yours
    Anniversary package. I only found out about the Forever Yours package from this message boards a couple of days before we left. When I contacted Couples about adding it at the last minute, I got a "no problem". I had wanted to do something special for our anniversary and I thought this was a very nice
    package. Thanks Sharie Gordan and Nicole Hall for helping to arrange it on such short notice.

    Rosemarie kept the room spotless and there were some towel art a couple of nights. The view from the room was spectacular. Our only real complaint about the room was the water pressure. I know the shower head had a reducer in it but the low amount of water made it a long and slow process to get all the soap off. There was always plenty of hot water. I am not sure how much water actually was saved. It may have been placed in to reduce how much water got out of the shower into the bathroom floor since there wasn't anything really to stop it due to shower floor design. Also the new Kohler flat squarish sink was very stylish but I think must be a bear to keep clean.

    We arrived inbetween tropical storms. The day we arrived and the first full day was red flag days mainly due to winds. I will gripe that the first day I wanted to dive they didn't go out because of the weather. It was calmer that morning and frankly I had been taken out on days worse than that before. The rest of the days were pretty much sunny with a few brief showers. The day we left it started to rain as we loaded into the bus back to the airport. We just missed tropical storm Nicole on the way out.
    The first few days there was a lot of seaweed and debris in the ocean reducing visability but the water cleared in between storms. They kept the beach clear of seaweed each morning and I noticed the amount greatly reduced after a few days of calm weather.

    We ate all the restaurants except the Veranda. We thought the food and service at 8 Rivers were excellent and ate there twice. The Bayside location is beautiful and romantic but we didn't care that much for the "Asian/Thai" food. It was not that we don't love Asian/Thai food but we just didn't think the dishes were that true. The International Buffet was good one evening but a sudden downpour ruined an otherwise beautiful and lavish
    outside dessert display. I love desserts and they truly out did themselves that night. I thought service at the bars was generally very good. I loved the mochaccino's at the coffee bar at the lower gift shop. The Veggie Bar had some nice options for lunch. The Patio had nice variety of options for breakfast and lunch.

    Part of our Forever Yours package was a private dinner. Because of some afternoon showers, we had to wait until pretty last minute before deciding its location. I had wanted to do it on the pool lawn but because of the rain showers the other option was the balcony of our room. The weather held with only some brief drips that the palm trees help shield. The only thing that didn't happen was the beautiful full moon rise over the ocean that I had envisioned. You cannot blame Couples for cloudy weather. Francine did a nice job making our dinner special. The steak was perfectly cooked and was the best steak I have had in a long time. We also had half a lobster tail which was great.

    Each morning except one we managed to get up and work out in the gym. The first morning none of the treadmills were working but they were fixed for the rest of the stay.

    Some times the hot tubs were cool but the upper one by the main pool seemed to get fixed and was very warm. The hot tubs by the spa were also nice and could be used by couples after the spa closed otherwise they were separated by sex during the day.

    We enjoyed our couples massage at the spa. The new spa is a nice relaxing area.

    A lot of times I read in reviews how the people at the front desk are not helpful or detached. I will say that the front desk
    crew at CTI were always very helpful and courteous. The same for the people at the concierge desk.

    We did the horseback riding trip. It was interesting and all but they spent way too much time setting up posing situations so they could try and sell pictures of the trip.

    I went diving each day I could and my husband did as many snorkle trips that he could. We used the catamerans when weather permitted. Collin at the dive shop made sure my diving trips were fun and safe. The morning dives generally got out a relatively normal Jamaican time of 9:15 ish. The later dive departure was more chaotic and they were trying to coordinate the resort dive with the afternoon certified dive. From a standpoint it didn't impact our actual dive as the certified divers were first off the boat and last back on but departure time was less dependable. The CTI crew never let me carry my tank because I was a woman. I had mixed feelings about that but they said I was on vacation and in the end it was a nice feature although I felt like I was being a bit lazy for not doing it.

    We enjoyed our vacation and the Forever Yours package made our anniversary celebration special. I think we would give the Secret Rendevouz package another try in the future.

    Late June we stayed at Couples Negril in a deluxe beachfront room. I will give a few comparisons between the resorts. The ocean view from the CTI room hands down better than the CN room. Overall room comparisons similar. I thought I would miss the bar/refrigerator that the CN rooms had and I did some at CTI but
    not as much as I thought I would. Of course there is no comparison between the two beaches and CN wins hands down. However, we are adaptable to spend more time around pools if the need arises or at the beach chairs if that is the better place to sit. Red flag service at CN was great. They did bring around fruit spears at CTI which was a nice touch. I liked the towel exchange system at CTI better than CN. It was nice to be able to get a towel anytime you wanted at the main pool and not have to walk to the watersports center. I will say that I thought the service at the Cassava restaurant at CN was pretty flawless while I thought the service at the Patio was overall good but sometime not at attentive. I thought the dive shop at CN was more efficient and organized than the CTI shop.

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    Nice review! I am glad that u and your sweetie had a nice time. Nice comparisons and good details. I am glad that u were not caught in the storm. I didn't no that Bayside was Thai/Asian. I thought that I wanted to eat there when we come but, we r not big Thai/Asian eaters. What type of food does 8 Rivers have? I have heard that they have excellent food.

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    Spice505, Bayside is more of a Thai/Asian theme. I am not a big fan of Thai food either, but we really enjoyed Bayside. There are elements of Thai, Chinese and Indian, but it is not overwhelming. It is also really cool to sit and hear the waves under you, and the tree frogs on the land.

    8 Rivers is really good too. I really enjoyed my steak there. My wife enjoyed the white wine sorbet which was served as a palate cleanser. When it came time for dessert, she asked for another. They were very accomodating. We LOVED 8 Rivers, but after eating at Bayside, cancelled our reservation on our last night, and made another reservation at Bayside.

    In short, don't be afraid to try it. It is not "hard core" Thai food, and the atmosphere is part of the experience. If for some reason you don't like it, (and I doubt that will be the case), you can eat elsewhere, at no additional cost!

    But then again, if a candle lit dinner, with a gentle Caribbean breeze, and the sound of the waves all around you isn't your thing, there are plenty of other options.

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    Thank u 25th@CTI. Nice comparison and explanation. As long as it's not hard core, then we r willing to try it. We want to try each restaurant at least once. We r also interested in doing the private dinner on the beach on the exact anniversary day.

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