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    Default Shuttle back to Airport on different departure day

    Hello all, I hope someone can help me with this. We are coming to CSA on Dec. 1 to 8 and then staying at Catcha Falling Star for 3 nights. My question is will Couples let us come back to the resort on the 11th and shuttle us back to the airport? Has anyone done this? I have read where numerous people have broken their stay up between the beach and the cliffs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    To take the free airport shuttle you have to a current guest @ A couples resort. Sorry but they do not make exceptions
    Think about staying in the other hotel in the cliffs in the middle of your stay and check back into Couples. Couples does have a 3 night minimum stay that would apply to each end of your trip

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    Sorry, it does not work that way. Please see Randymon's (Couples Sr. VP) response to a similar question a week ago.
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    Randymon addressed this very topic less than a week ago. From Randymon's October 7 post on a thread entitled, "Not staying at CSA for whole trip... can we still take the shuttle back?":

    "Sorry but you must be a guest of the resort up to the day you are leaving in order to benefit from the included transfer to the airport."
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    As others have stated, no, you can't use the shuttle back to the airport. A ride to the airport from your cliff resort will cost you approx $50. There are many reputable companies and taxi drivers. If you want to email me I"d be glad to give you the website of who we use( mchlmo at gmail dot com) We usually start on the cliffs(3 times at Catcha) and end at Swept Away. We'll actually be staying on the cliffs the same nights you are and then heading to CSA. Have a great trip and maybe we'll see on the cliffs!

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    You can easily arrange an airport transfer with the friendly folks at your other lodging. However, unlike Couples free shuttle, there is a charge for the service. It's really not fair to expect a free ride back from Couples after you've checked out and gone somewhere else, if you think about it. You'll have a great time at both places, but be sure to save some money for tips and cab fares as life is a bit different up on the cliffs. Enjoy your trip.
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