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    Default first timers at CSS, balcony question

    My husband and I are going in December to CSS. Can't wait to try Couples. It seems like the beachfront suites don't have the biggest balconies. I think we would gladly trade off a jacuzzi tub for a great balcony and view. Are the one-bedroom ocean suites better in this department? Any other tips/suggestions for first timers to CSS?

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    We have been in both D and E with a great hidden balcony and an ocean view. Would not trade either rooms we have been in for a room with a jacuzzi.

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    My wife and I were trying to find an answer to the same question - which room catagory has the biggest balcony with the best view??

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    We stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean that was in Building G, all the way at the top of the cliffs. The view is of the ocean, not the beach. But if you get a room in Building D, then you will get a beach view.

    If we ever go back to CSS, we would get a Beachfront Suite, just so we are closer to the beach. But that's just a personal preference. Here are pictures of our balcony, our view and the room. I also attached a picture of Building D as seen from the beach. Hope this helps!
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    My hubby and I stayed in an ocean suite w/balcony our first time and really enjoyed the view/balcony size. the positive: big room/balcony and away from most noise, the not so positive: a bit of a walk from everything so we didn't have easy access to our stuff. we are going to get a beachfront suite this time so we don't have as much to carry around during the day and can pop in for a nap, etc. i can't find fault with either room though, because they are both wonderful! it just depends on your preference. when in december are you going?

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