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    Default Parasailing @ CN or CSA

    Has anyone done the parasailing recently and can tell me the cost? We are renewing our vows AND celebratingmy husbands 50th - for his birthday I told him I would parasail! He asks everytime we are there and I am a chicken and always so no...


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    We went parasailing last year while we were at CSA. I believe it was $50 or $75 a person. Can't remember which. But it was AMAZING and well worth the money. We plan on doing it again this year. Make sure you bring a camera with you because it is an awesome view from up there.

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    If you go to CSA just look on the beach for Elvis--or believe me he will find you. The rates were $50 for a single or $90 for two at the same time.

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    Here's Elvis @ CSA. When you see him tell him Sal & Wendy say hi & we'll see his smiling face April 16th. Have a blast!! Razzl
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    We went at CSA through Elvis. We told him on the first day we wanted to go but probably later in the week. He remembered us each day and we finally went. It was a little sketchy at first because the boat we left on dropped us off with another boat. Then another boat picked us up and took us to CN where the parasailing boat was. Nobody told us what was happening. All went well though and we had a blast. I wish it would have good over by CSA instead of CN but at least we got to see a little more of the island.

    We paid $50 total for the 2 of us. We didn't have cash on us when we went so he told us to pay him another day. Very trusting people there. Great experience.

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