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    Default Best block at CN for garden view rooms?

    We always stay beachfront at CN and love it. This time we are contemplating garden view to save some money. Does anyone know which buildings offer garden view rooms and any advice on which building is the best? We like staying close to watersports side. Thanks for the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pame View Post
    We like staying close to watersports side.
    You're in luck because most, if not all, of the GV rooms are on that side.
    Blocks 2, 3, 4 and a portion of block 1 are GV. I believe someone posted that they booked GV category and were in block 9.

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    The closest building in the garden view rooms is building 5. It is right next to the dive shack.

    As for best building, that is all in your preference. Some like 5 cause it is close to the dive shack while we like 1 because it is close to the main action. It just depends on your preference. We also prefer the buildings 6-9 because they are close to the AN beach.
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    Default Which Building

    We had garden view in building 1 our 1st trip and building 6 our second trip. Building 1 is really close to the watersports. I found building 6 too loud in the evening. Hope this helps! I can't wait to go back!

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    Pam - I think there are gardenview rooms throughout the resort. I do know that building 9 does not have any - that's what I was told when we were there in July. Seemed strange since there are garden view suites in building 9. I would venture a guess that buildings 1-5 (5?) and 7-8 would have a majority of the garden view rooms. I'm sure others here will be very quick to correct me!! The only reason we stay with a beachfront room is so our chance of getting the building we want when we get there is better. Good luck!

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    we always book a garden-view room (especially with them equiped with mini bars now!) and prefer to stay closer to the watersports hut as well since we like to snorkel most mornings. When checking in, simply let the staff know that you would prefer a room (if at all possible) in the building block surrounding the spa (as opposed to the block of rooms surrounding the wedding gazebo). We have never been disappointed with this request, as it makes it easy for them to work with what they have available at your check-in time (as opposed to requesting a certain building block or room number). We also always request a 2nd or 3rd floor room if possible since we prefer to have the balcony instead of the the patio (a bit more private and really nice views of the tree "canopy" and all the birds/critters that inhabit them!) We have never been disappointed with any of the garden-view rooms we've stayed in, they are perfect!!

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    I vote for building four. You are very near water sports.

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