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    I'm planning for my 20 yr anniversary. We celebrated 15 yrs at Couples Negril. We had a FABULOUS time. I just wanted to hear from others who have possibly been to all 4 and which is their favorite. I'm dying to just go back to CN because it was so great but would also like a change...maybe.

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    If I could chime in on your post, I too,would appreciate advice as my husband and I will be celebrating our 52nd anniversary and have never been to Couples. We are trying to decide between CN and CSS. Any thoughts? ...especially for our age.

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    CN and CSS are our favorites. We switch back and forth between the two resorts. CN has a fabulous beach and the Cat Cruise which are our 2 main reasons for going there. CSS is the most beautiful resort in our opinion. We love the food and staff there the most. The rooms are all suites. It is the smallest of the 4 resorts and very romantic. The only issue at CSS for anyone may be the amount of steps. Part of the resort is on a cliff and there are a lot of steps. We are in our 50's and have no problem. The beach is smaller but private and still very nice.
    We enjoy a change of scenery. You can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts. See which one calls to you. Age makes no difference (except maybe for stairs).

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    We went to CN last year for our first trip and I have looked and looked at the other resorts and see things I like and things I don't, but CN was so perfect for us, I know we will go back. Maybe go to CN a few more times or do a split between two, leaving CN last so you know you are comign back to something you love.

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    We are going to CSS for our 20th August 2011. When are you going? We had a hard time picking one too. We like the way CSS is spread out and we want to try AN and CSS is best for that. We can't wait!

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    The best way to answer your question would be for you to tell us what you are looking for in your vacation. What is important to you? A long beach to walk on? A private beach with no vendors? A compact resort requiring no walking? A lush garden? AN? No AN? Disco? What is important to you and we will be better able to help you find the resort that would best fit your needs.

    I have a couple favorites, but my tastes are not your tastes so even if I told you my favorite Couples it wouldn't help you out much. Let us know what you are looking for and we will be able to help you out.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I don't think anyone could pick a perfect Couples Resort for you. Each resort seems to be different in its own way and each couple should find the resort that "calls" to them. For us, it was the beautiful beaches of Negril and the AN experience. For others, the other resorts have a special lure.... Just read the descriptions of each resort and pick one!

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    Well you can do like we are going to do next year, split between the two. We love CN, next year will be number 7, but I would like to try some place new. So by going to CSS, it will be new, but still Couples and, this is big, I will still get to go to my beloved CN.

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    My wife and I are in our 50’s; we love both CNN and CSS, and have lately been trying to alternate every other visit, between the two.

    CN better beaches, compact, but not crowded, easy to walk, no hills, wonderful people, food, and entertainment.

    CSS has a more romantic feel, the property is hilly, with May trails, the rooms are larger, and property is hilly, wonderful people, food, and entertainment.

    Both have wonderful pools, CN is central located and minutes of walking to all rooms, where the CSS main pool is on side of the campus. But, CSS has a number of other smaller pools near the remote buildings.

    We enjoy the Piano bar more at CN, as Paul the resident piano player maximizes audience participation, and no trip is complete with out closing down one of his sessions.

    But if you want to have a piano play playing while you dine then CSS has it.

    CN will look for guest to be in the Fashion show, CSS just uses the staff, we like being involved. But the two outdoor nighttime dances at CSS are more exciting; there is something about dancing around a pool at night.

    At CN You can get on the Catamaran “55 ft cool running cruse” 3 times a week, its not an option at CSS because of the reefs wont let the 55 ft ship in.

    Both places will let you learn to sail hobby-cats. But the CN beach harbor is easier to learn because there are no nearby offshore reefs.

    Both resorts have AN. However CSS has a separate beach with its own pool and swim up bar. However Non AN patrons can enjoy that section of the property as it is opened up to the rest of the resort in the evening, and its one of the sites for a terrific disco party.

    Both resorts have wonderful staff, and outstanding food, drinks, entertainment, and activities.

    You'll have a great time at either.

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    The first time we went to Couples (and Jamaica) was for our 15th anniversary (Couples Negril). That was 1999, and CN had been open less than a year. We've been to CN about 13 times, CTI once, and Swept Away once, plus some of the other Jamaica non-Couples resorts. CN is (obviously) our favorite. Why switch?

    Why our favorite? Best beach, best food, best staff, and every year they've improved the place. Bloody Bay is spectacular. Sunsets are fantastic. And we'll be back in only...argh...7 months.

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    Our favorite is CN overall!!! BUT BUT BUT!!!! CSS, is beautiful and a great setting! I think it's the most romantic! The beach in Negril sells us, but the grounds at CSS is awesome! The island at Tower is cool, but we don't care for the "Hotel" feel and there isn't much to the grounds as we like to walk and take in the views. Haven't been to CSA........ until next week!

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    I still haven't picked and I keep 'over-researching'....IS there an actually beach at TI? The pics I looked at seemed to have rocks and beach chairs looked like they were on a sand anywhere? Am I just not seeing the right pics for a beach at the Al-Nat Island?

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