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    We are booked in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite at CSS. If I understand things these rooms are in block A or B. We sleep nude and tend to stay that way a lot in the room. Will we be able to leave the curtains open to the patio without flashing the outside world or will we be exposed? I don't care for us since we will be going to SSB, just don't want to offend others.

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    My wife and I generally stay in the Deluxe Ocean rooms, but my guess is it depends on where your room is. If on the ground floor you will have traffic outside the room. If higher, not so much. They have light curtains that allow the light in but you will not be visible outside. Every time we were there we had to have the A/C on so keeping the windows/doors closed not an issue. At night, we may have a drink on the lanai AN, people passing really can't see you.

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    We do the same thing. While you can not request a specific room, we ask for a room in Block A, and a room as high up as possible (upper level). We've never had any problems offending folks while we enjoy being AN all week. We don't go out on the patio AN but if your that high up and sit back a littlw ways I don't think no one could see you.

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    We are planning our fist visit but I guess our thinking will be if we don't draw attention to ourselves how we want to spend our time in our room and even our balcony is our choice. Again, not to draw attention or make others uncomfortable, but this is OUR trip to paradise...we want to be happy too!

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