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    Here at CSS right now and my bride and I just had a 55 minute couples swedish massage this afternoon. It was by far the best 210 bucks I have ever spent in my entire life.

    I know if you are looking at the price list they seem pricey...but they are worth it. As soon as we got out, we went and book another one (had to go for the 80 minute one) for friday.

    This is what vacationing is supposed to be like!

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    That actually isn't expensive at all! Couple massages r more expensive in the states depending on where u go. I am glad that u both enjoyed them and even went back.

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    SO glad to hear that, we are planning on getting one when we go in August...can't wait!

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    Also...we were on our honeymoon, and they give you a complimentary half hour couples massage. They let us apply that towards an hour massage...basically to get an hour massage at half price.

    And our masseuses did a great job. We tipped them 20 bucks each, both times. Not sure how that compares to what other people tip...but its what we did

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    Just did the same thing while at CTI. Stayed 10 days, had the upgrade to 55 mins on the repeaters massage and then the 80 minute aromatherapy before we came home. All the sweeter for the $350 spa credit we received.

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