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    Default Jeff and Katie CSA 8-28-10

    My Husband and I were married @ Couples Swept Away Aug 28th of this year and it couldnt have been more perfect!! We had the 4:00 Beach wedding along with 16 of our closest friends and family who could share in our special day! We were very pleased with the Resort photographer, he captured many wonderful moments! I did take picture idea that I had saved from mag. to give him an idea of what we were looking for, which was very beneficial to us!!

    Congratulations to all the Soon to Bes!!!
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    Congratulations! Beautiful pictures, especially love the one of you walking down the path together! Your dress is beautiful too.

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    Default Beautiful!

    What beautiful photos! That second photo is really great. Was that an upgraded bouquet? I was also wondering what you chose to do after the wedding, did you all go to dinner together or did you decide to have something a little more private? Thanks and congratulations!

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    Wowww!! Stunning pictures! You two are a beautiful couple! I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed it would be!

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    Congratulations!Beautiful pictures. You too make a beautiful couple. Who was you photographer? Did you upgrade your bouquet.I wish you both the best.

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    Thank you Thank you for all the nice compliments!!

    Moochie...My bouquet was NOT the upgraded one, it was included and I couldnt have been more pleased with it! After the wedding, we had the "cake ceremony" then the guest were welcome to relax or fresh up before dinner while we took our photos. We all had dinner together @ The Patois Patio 6pm. I made prev. reservations with Debbie through email once i knew the total number of guests. Dinner was wonderful, we had our own printed up little menus as to what each person could choose. Our choices were Lobster, another fish dish and a chicken dish i think!
    If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate.

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    Beautiful pics & y0u were such a stunning bride. Thanks for sharing.

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