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    can anyone tell me what type of clubs are available to rent in Negril? Just wondering if the quality is decent or should we bring our clubs. Thank you

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    I would say bring your own clubs if you don't mind lugging the extra baggage to and from Jamaica. I don't think the quality of the renatals is that great. On the other hand, if you're just looking for a nice stroll around the course, don't care about your score or how well you're hitting the ball, the rentals should be fine. You may want to pack your own golf balls, some tees and your golf shoes.


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    Don't forget to take gloves. It is hot and I sweated through three pairs when I played 18, but that was in August.

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    Also, the course can be a ball eater unless you are a really straight hitter. I would bring at least one more sleave than you normally play with maybe two.

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    I have rented a nice set of Callaway clubs at Negril Hills a couple of years ago. I remember thinking the clubs were nicer than what I had expected.

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