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    Default Air Jamaica Upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded to 1st class at the airport going to Mobay? If so is it cheaper to upgrade at the ticket counter or wait till you get the boarding desk? See ya there 12/7 at CN for 6 nights then to CSA till the 19th

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    I did not know AirJamaybe was back flying again. They have cancelled in most of the airports in my area. Best of luck.

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    We were upgraded to 1st class by Air Jamaica(JFK) last Dec as they were over booked and since we are AJ frequent flyers they called us to the desk and asked if we would mind moving into 1st class. You know the answer. I had heard it was cheaper at the check but don't hold me to it. Hope AJ asks us to move again as we will be at CN on 12/3

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    I think it is cheaper at the desk. We paid for upgrades twice. It cost us and extra $300.00 each at the time. Don't know what it is now. If you want to upgrade do it when you check in. If you wait until you r checked in, it will cost you the same and someone else may have taken any available seats

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    Huh I thought Air Jamaica wasn't flying any more? Of course, from your post they must be.
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