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    Default CSA Onion Rings at Cabana Grill?

    I'm sure all of you repeaters out there can relate to this....we are getting ready to head to CSA for our 5th visit (Nov 26 - Dec 3) and we've been recalling and talking about all of the little things about CSA that we love, miss, and can't wait to do/have when we return! So, one item that has come up is the Onion Rings at the Cabana Grill at CSA! They did not have them in 2008when we were there, but they were back last year! Can anybody who has been there recently report if they have them this year? Those are my favorite late afternoon yummy munchie at CSA!

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    We were just there a couple of weeks ago and they had them then. Great hangover cure!! Enjoy!

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    They had them last week. So good!!

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    We will be there the same time as you. During our last trips, onion rings were hit and miss. Sometimes we had them, sometimes they were out.

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    Hello, My husband and i go to CN every year. We will be back again next year in March. We did do the trading places program this past March.We visited CSA, I had to try the snapper sandwhich!! OMG, it was amazing!!! So next year I will have to get the onion rings to go with it. Dont get me wrong, we did enjoy the beach and pools and the vendors CSA had, and the gym is amazing as well, but, CN has our hearts!!
    One Love,

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