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    Default single digit dance,

    my wife had the single digit dance on my outlook calender, like i really needed that to remind me we have only 9 days until paradise! i gave her the dance this morning before work, (really just the dance)i will do it once more before bed and every morning until next saturday when we board the jet for jamaica, woo hoo!

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    ok, single dirgit dance??? What is that. Too funny. LOL. You need to post a picture, so we can all see...

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    Pete and I are also headed to Jamaica on the same day as you and we are doing the dance as well. Two questions - which resort are you going to? AND what flight are you on into Montego Bay? We are flying Continental out of Houston and are headed to CSS. Maybe we will meet along the way. Woo hoo!

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    hey Bob 2612 we are going out to CSA next Saturday too (6th Nov) look forward to seeing you there altho a little worried about the hurricane Thomas

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