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    Default What is a Secret Rendezvous?

    What exactly is a Couples Secret Rendezvous? Is it like the old "Lido Lottery" where you pay a lower amount but you don't know exactly which property you will be going to until a few days before you leave? If so, how much do you typically save, I'm sure all the properties are fantastic from what I have read.

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    That's exactly what it is and we did it 2 years ago and ended up at Sans Souci. We saved about a thousand dollars!

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    You're right - when you choose the secret rendezvous, you pay a lower price than any of the regular room rates (we got an SR when they went on special in September for $250 a night). You find out 7 days in advance where you'll be, and you get whatever rooms they have available, which may not necessarily be the lowest level room. So you're always saving some money, and often quite a bit! Plus you get the surprise of going wherever they send you, so if you're flexible, it's a great deal.

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