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    Thinking of making our 1st trip to CSS either late Nov or early Dec. We were wondering what sort of organized activities go on over at SSB.

    We are both in our late 20s and have been to c/o places like Haulover and Orient Beach but are truly looking forward to an a/n experience without the obvious gawkers wearing flip flops, black socks and sun glasses.

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    Privacy! The only ones there will also be nude as there is no access to the area except from the resort and security assures that everyone either disrobes shortly after arriving or is asked to leave. Hospitality does have some organized activities, but mostly it is people chillin'.

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    They have done all sorts of things the times we were at SSB. We did bingo, scavenger hunts, rock painting (which one year turned into body painting), and all sorts of other things. You will also find that the people on SSB are great. I haven't been there yet this year since they switched bartenders (50 days, can't wait). Jhenel, the bartender when we were there the last couple of years, was really sweet. But, those that have been there since say that the new one(forgot who they said it was) was good too. Just go and enjoy.

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    We are 6 year vets of SSB. You will have a blast while you are there. Every day there is at least one, most times two planned activities at SSB. I believe they are listed on the activity board each morning. You might find them on the web too. Look under activities. Some of them are scavenger hunt, music trivia, Jamaican trivia, bottle fishing(might not be the name),a kicked up bingo,Jamaican dance lessons. The prizes are usually bottles of rum. You will not experience any gawkers,vendors,just AN people having fun in the sun. Enjoy.
    "Once you know"
    Steve & Victoria

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    CSS SSB is much different than OB. Private beach w/no black sock sandle wearing gawkers!!!!

    On SSB CSS's Entertainment Staff holds various types of entertainment during the day: Music Trivia, Jamaican Trivia, Scavenger Hunt & Jamaican Ring Toss. You also have the pool, Jacuzzi, bar and food right there. Once on SSB there's no need to leave.

    Will be there 11/12 - 11/20...Continental Airlines Come Take Me Away!!!!!

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    Thanks for that WONDERFUL visual. LOL We haven't been there yet, going in August...forever away but can't wait.

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    I am truly frieghtened by the idea of "Jamaican Ring Toss" at the au naturel beach!

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    For the last two years we had our loungers on the beach and didn't experience much of the pool/bar activities. This year we are wanting to experience all the fun and games. What is the jamacian RING TOSS? Do they offer volleyball or beach ball games in the pool, Hoola Hoop? Beach Botchi Ball? Pool Races etc.

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    SSB is great! In March we will be returning for the 4th visit. We loved TI but on one vacation the weather failed to cooperate and we couldn't get to the island. We visited CSS and spent the day at SS beach and transfered that afternoon for the rest of the vacation. Sunset beach allows you to spend time alone together on the beach or gather and meet new friends at the swim up bar. We've played vollyball and ring toss (FYI the ring goes on a bottle of booze). The best part is you can get to the beach regardless of the weather, we had a great time with three other couples in the hot tub during a deluge especially making Janel bring us refills. SSB is to us the best Couples AN place.

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    We just got home last night from a wonderful trip to CSS. I have never seen SSB so busy! On Friday the 21st we counted over 100 people! It was a great crowd and we had a blast! We played some trivia games and bingo, but, let me add Naked Beer Pong to the list courtesy of our freinds from Oregon!

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